Tropical Baby Naming Ceremony

Tropical Baby Naming Ceremony

This Tropical Baby Naming Ceremony was artfully designed by Impressions. With a tropical, floral vibe, the venue was absolutely stunning in elegant style. It featured an array of soft colors that were perfect for a baby naming celebration. 

To stand out from other events a baby section was set up with a crib, advertising the special occasion in a charming way.  The crib was wrapped in lots of pretty blooms that coordinated with a massive floral wreath placed on the wall behind it.  Other decorations enhanced this section in front of the crib, highlighting the tropical vibe perfectly.

A large section at the back of the venue was beautifully arranged to offer guests a variety of tasty treats to munch on.  This section was decorated from the ground up, enveloping the space in a truly lovely way.  Tables were layered out to make it easy to reach the goodies. A center section held gorgeous golden trays in varying heights that held tropical style desserts.  There were sugar cookies shaped into fun tropical items like pineapples. 

Other treats included fantastic mini cakes, each one absolutely unique in detailing while embracing the tropical theme perfectly.  Each was topped in a cute fashion, including one with a golden pineapple.  The little cakes were individually placed on pedestal trays that displayed each in stunning fashion.  These treats stood in the center of the table surrounded by other desserts in the front and back. 

For other tasty tidbits there were tropical jellos treats layered in bright colors that made them look quite decadent.  There were also sweet white pudding treats topped with edible white blooms. And for another delightful dessert, there was green pudding also topped with the white blooms.  

With greenery throughout the venue and bright colors, this party was a tropical beauty.


Tropical-Baby-Naming-Ceremony-Wreath Tropical-Baby-Naming-Ceremony-White-Treats Tropical-Baby-Naming-Ceremony-White-Bloom Tropical-Baby-Naming-Ceremony-Treats Tropical-Baby-Naming-Ceremony-Tables Tropical-Baby-Naming-Ceremony-Sweets Tropical-Baby-Naming-Ceremony-Sugar-Cookies Tropical-Baby-Naming-Ceremony-Pink-Flower-Treat Tropical-Baby-Naming-Ceremony-Green-Dessert Tropical-Baby-Naming-Ceremony-Flowers Tropical-Baby-Naming-Ceremony-Flower-Blooms Tropical-Baby-Naming-Ceremony-Floral-Treat Tropical-Baby-Naming-Ceremony-Edible-Flowers Tropical-Baby-Naming-Ceremony-Cookies Tropical-Baby-Naming-Ceremony-Bright-Flowers


Planning/design - Impressions


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