Tropical Jungle Baby Shower


In a celebration of life to come, Minted created this fantastic Tropical Jungle Baby Shower to spoil a mom-to-be.  From the brilliant range of colors to the fabulous wall art, this party was a unique and exciting event.

Invitations made for this gathering were exceptional, sweet green art with a bold black font went with the theme in a modern chic way. It was a smooth mix of sophistication and elegance.


The venue chosen for the party was full of natural light, and the neutral toned walls made the perfect base for the tropical decor that was expertly placed throughout.  Pink flowers were a sweet decoration that provided a lovely burst of color.

Guest tables were a blast of fun with wonderful jungle covers with animals and tropical leaves on it.  The cover had a smooth blend of bright colors that popped.  Each place setting had a professional look to it with a personalized label on an adorable tiger holder. To give a flair of nature to these tables large leaves were placed in jars.  A bowl of fruit added color to the table as well in a beautiful blue bowl.


Throughout the venue, wall art was used to give a sophisticated look while showcasing the theme beautifully.  Large leaves printed on one poster hung brilliantly beside an adorable tiger print. They hung behind a comfy looking wicker chair that added to the natural effects of the theme.

To quench thirst, delicious peach cocktails added to the bright colors in a tasty way. Tiny pineapple stir sticks gave a wonderful tropical touch that was sure to be a favorite.

For favors, pineapple shaped cookies were perfectly designed, ensuring that each visitor would have a sweet way to remember this special day.  This Tropical Jungle Baby Shower was a beautiful, one-of-a-kind party.




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