Safari Jungle Themed Baby Shower

For the King or Queen of the Jungle Baby Shower Ideas:m .
Jungle Safari Baby Shower tableCredit to Lacey Cakes

baby shower ideas and shops jungle theme
credit to Nat at Events By Nat
Jungle Themed Baby Shower
credit to Nat at Events By Nat

Jungle Baby Shower Decorations

For a perfect Jungle theme, turn the room or backyard into a wild jungle with green, yellow, brown balloons, streamers, real or plastic plants and hanging ropes here and there to mimic the vines of the jungle and hang some stuffed monkeys or green paper cut leaves on the vine or the wall. You could use burlap fabric tablecloth to give a nature look as well, otherwise you could look for animal patterned tablecloth.


baby shower ideas and shops - jungle theme

Set the mood by playing a jungle sound music in the background. Jungle sound can be something like rain falling or birds twittering or a lion roaring. Have maps or images of rainforests around the room, and place warning or direction signs such as ‘DO NOT ENTER’ with a image of a wild beast, or have signs one directing to ‘Jaguar’ on left, ‘puma’ to right.

Food & Drink Ideas

You can serve tropical fruit juice, even a fruit platter with tropical fruits such as mango, passion fruit, pineapple, banana and kiwi. You can have unpeeled small bananas, dried bananas or banana lollies in a bowl with a label ‘ bananas for monkey’, then ’nuts for elephant’ next to a bowl full of nuts, and ‘cheezels for cheetah’. Make some zebra cookies (zebra patterned cookies), jungle sandwiches (leafy sandwiches) and Jungle puddings (brown and green colored puddings) too.

Jungle Baby Shower Invitations

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FREE Jungle Themed Baby Shower Printable
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FREE Jungle Themed Baby Shower Printable
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FREE Jungle Themed Baby Shower Printable
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$5 Jungle Themed Baby Shower Pack

Jungle Themed Baby Shower Tableware


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Jungle Themed Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

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Raffia Table Skirting for dessert table

Jungle Themed Baby Shower Favors

Adorable jungle themed favor bags, little notepad, palm tree favor boxes.

baby-shower-candy-bag personalized-animal-collection-notebookspalm-tree-favor-boxes-400


Jungle Theme Baby Shower Activities



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books-for-the-baby-insert-8x11 safari baby shower game pack, animals baby shower game pack, zoo animal baby shower games, choo choo animal train theme tlc54


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