“Baby Shark” Baby Shower Ideas

baby shark party ideas

Get ready to make a splash with a Baby Shark-themed baby shower that’s sure to be oceans of fun! Inspired by the viral children’s song sensation, this lively and playful theme celebrates the joy of parenthood with a whimsical underwater adventure. From colorful decorations to fin-tastic treats, here are some ideas to help you host a Baby Shark baby shower that will have guests singing “Doo doo doo doo doo doo” all the way home!


Baby Shark Invitations

Set the tone for your Baby Shark baby shower with invitations that make a splash! Choose designs featuring adorable cartoon sharks, underwater scenes, and catchy phrases like “Let’s Make Waves for Baby!” or “Join Us for a Fin-tastic Celebration!” Encourage guests to dress in their best beach or ocean-themed attire to add to the festive atmosphere.

Baby Shark Decorations

Transform your party space into an underwater wonderland with decorations inspired by the ocean depths. Hang blue streamers and balloons to create the illusion of waves, and adorn walls with seaweed streamers, coral, and fish cutouts.

baby shark themed baby shower decorations
stunning boy and girl baby shark balloon decorations and props
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Set up a photo booth area with a backdrop featuring an underwater scene where guests can pose with props like snorkels, goggles, and inflatable sea creatures.

Baby Shark Baby Shower Centerpieces

FREE Baby Shark Party Printable

Here’s a set of free Baby Shark party printables that you can use for your Baby Shark-themed celebration:

Baby Shark Banners

Print out Baby Shark-themed banners to decorate your party space. Include these banners along with colorful images of Baby Shark characters.


Baby Shark Cupcake Toppers

Baby Shark Cupcake Toppers: Print and cut out Baby Shark cupcake toppers to add a fun touch to your sweet treats.

Baby Shark Water Bottle Labels

Print them out and wrap them around water bottles for a themed refreshment option

Baby Shark Dessert Table

Create a dessert table that’s sure to make a splash with a Baby Shark-themed cake as the centerpiece. Decorate the cake with fondant sharks, seaweed, and seashells to resemble an underwater scene.

baby shark cupcake toppers

Surround the cake with an assortment of shark-themed desserts such as shark-shaped cookies, cupcakes decorated with ocean-themed frosting, and blue gelatin cups with gummy sharks swimming inside. Display them on trays adorned with seashells, beach towels, and sandcastle decorations for a whimsical touch.


Baby Shark Food and Drinks

Delight your guests’ taste buds with an ocean-inspired spread of Baby Shark-themed treats and refreshments. Serve up snacks like “Shark Bait Popcorn” (blue popcorn mixed with gummy fish), “Seaweed Dip” (spinach and artichoke dip served with tortilla chips), and “Fish and Chips” (mini fish-shaped crackers with potato chips). Quench their thirst with beverages like “Ocean Water Punch” (blue punch with lemon-lime soda and gummy sharks) and “Shark Attack Smoothies” (fruit smoothies topped with whipped cream and a gummy shark).

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Baby Shark” Baby Shower Games

Keep the party swimming along with Baby Shark-themed activities and games that are sure to entertain guests of all ages. Organize a “Baby Shark Dance Party” where guests can show off their best shark dance moves to the catchy tune of the Baby Shark song. You can also adapt the classic game of Bingo with Baby Shark-themed cards featuring lyrics, characters, and images from the song. It’s a fun way to keep guests entertained and engaged.

Baby Shark” Baby Shower Favors

Send your guests home with jawsome favors as a token of appreciation for joining in the celebration. Consider gifting them with shark-shaped cookies or chocolates, or jars of “Shark Bait” (gummy sharks or fish). Alternatively, provide each guest with a mini bottle of “Ocean Breeze” (beach-scented lotion or body spray) to remind them of the seaside fun they had at the baby shower.


Create custom favor tags to attach to party favors for your guests. Include phrases like “Thanks for swimming by” or “You’re jaw-some!” along with images of Baby Shark and friends.

Baby Shark” Party Collection

Check out these amazing Baby Shark inspired baby shower parties by talented event planners and bakers! Find their detail below the image! Enjoy and get inspired!

beautiful baby shark dessert table set up
pink baby shark themed baby shower
baby shark baby shower decorations
Baby shark themed balloon decor
girl baby shark themed baby shower decorations
pastel baby shark themed with water bubbles with the clear balloons
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Baby Shark Theme Baby Shower Set Up
baby shark gender reveal
amazing under the sea baby shark backdrop
Baby shark do do doo cookies
baby shark balloon garland
boy baby shark party
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