Farmhouse Baby Shower Brunch

Trish of Frilly Milly Events had the pleasure of creating a Farmhouse Baby Shower Brunch for a lovely Mom-to-be and the party she put together was splendid!

She set up a wonderful dessert and food table that wrapped the room in a warm and cozy atmosphere that was sure to keep the guests happy.  The color choices for this party were a graceful blend of muted pastels.

farmhouse brunch

The table was covered in a tan cloth that created a great palette in which to place the food that was a complete work of at a this great party. With a buffet table backdrop that matched quite nicely of floral greens and pinks, the mood was set.

Farmhouse Baby Shower Brunch Chalkboard Sign

There was a fantastic chalkboard set up against the back drop that had a quote from a wonderful book, “I’ll Love You Forever,” written by Robert Munsch that I would personally recommend to every mom on the planet! It was certainly a perfect choice for this party and set a warm tone.

farmhouse party ideas, french toast treats

One of the most creative treats I have seen were the little French toast snacks at this brunch.  Set on a smooth, white tray were mini-cups with syrup and small French toast wedges were placed carefully on top of each, making a fun little dish for everyone to enjoy.

The fruit cups at the party were little mini-delights with tiny spoons tied onto each adorable cup with a light pink ribbon.

For a beverage, there were fun jars of milk donned with pink and white striped straws creating the country feel to the event. The jars were neatly lined up in a wonderfully vintage drawer.

personal sized quiches

There were fantastic personal sized quiches that looked absolutely decadent and maple bacon skewers that breakfast lovers everywhere could appreciate.

The very center of the table was decorated with a perfect tiered tray that held the spotlight of this party, a heath coffee cake that was a circle of deliciousness waiting to be eaten up. This Farmhouse Baby Shower Brunch was bound to be a hit with such attention to the little details!

Credits – Trish with Frilly Milly Events

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