Sports Baby Shower Ideas

If the parents-to-be are sports enthusiasts, sports themed baby shower might be the perfect idea to host for their baby shower! Since there are many sports to choose from, you could choose a particular favorite sport or throw a general sports themed baby shower.

Although a sports themed baby shower might seem masculine, it can still be a great theme to celebrate a baby girl because many decorations are available in different color palettes. Planning would be easy as long as you know how to decorate, what food to serve, and has at least one or two fun games that everyone can play.

Sports Baby Shower Invitations

Vintage Baseball Baby Shower Invitation
All Star Sport Baby Shower Invitation

Sports Baby Shower Food & Cake

A cake that is shaped like a football or baseball can be ordered for the mom-to-be, or perhaps you may want to try making one!? There is a video below on how to make one, give it a try!

How to Make a Football Cake by Make Fabulous Cakes via youtube

The candy buffet table can be set up featuring small cupcakes and cakepops that are decorated to look like footballs, baseballs, soccer balls, and baseballs.  Small foods or finger foods that can be eaten with the hands are always popular because it means less mess and easy clean up at the end of the day.

Some hassle-free, simple food includes mini margherita pizza (tomato sauce, cheese, basil topping), cocktail sausages, and Puff pastry with cheese, tomato, and vegetables. Grocery stores can offer trays for sales like vegetable trays with dip, sandwich trays, and trays with things like meat and cheese, which are all the most popular baby shower foods.


Sports Baby Shower Decorations

If you have decided on a color scheme it will make the whole planning a lot easier. You’ll only need to look for decorations such as banner, tableware, balloons, centerpiece, and such in that color scheme.


You can add cutout papers of all-star sports in all the decorations if you cannot find the themed decorations. Remember to use the internet as a resource to print out some images that you need. You can type in search words like ‘all sports clipart’. To keep in with the theme, you can grab a bowl full of adorable chocolate balls which can be used as a centerpiece for guest tables!

Sports Paper Lanterns
all star
Future All-Star baby Shower banner Collection - Baseball, Football, Soccer - Lime Green Chevron with orange accents

Onesie Sports Napkins

Since you will likely have food at your baby shower, napkins will be important. While, solid colored napkins are always a great choice, why not use napkins to fit the theme? These sports themed napkins are adorably shaped like onesies. This set comes with twenty napkins that are all hand-cut and ready to be used. You could hang the napkins to create a banner like shown in the picture or set the napkins right on your table.

sports baby shower onesie napkins
by ChiKaPea

Baseball Diaper Cake Centerpieces

Your tables will likely be great gathering places for your guests, so it’s important that they look great too! These baseball themed centerpieces will make for wonderful conversation. Each cake is made from eight hypoallergenic diapers and includes baseball mittens that are cut out of wood. As an added bonus, none of diapers are glued to the decoration, so they can even be used later by the mommy-to-be. If baseball is not one of your favorite sports, the company has a wide variety of other sports to choose from such as basketball or football.

baseball baby shower diaper cake centerpiece

Sports Baby Shower Wreath

Although a majority of your party will likely take place inside, you can welcome your guests to your shower with this beautiful sports themed wreath. The wreath that is pictured shows most of the colors as soft blues, however, if you are expecting a girl, you can order the same wreath in pale pinks. The best part is that this wreath could be used after the party as a decoration for a sports themed nursery.

sports baby shower wreath
by KenzieGraceCreations

The Games to Play

There are a few games that the hostess can set up for the party guests and mom-to-be to play. One game is called the Guessing Game. With this game, sports themed items are placed in a paper bag, like small balls and mini helmets. The idea of the game is for each guest to reach in with their eyes closed, and guess what they are feeling then write it down.

all stars baby shower games

Another game would be to take a basketball and have each guest bounce the ball the number of times she thinks that the mom’s belly measures. You could say, each bounce will measure 5cm. After everyone has bounced the ball with their guess, the mom-to-be is measured, and the guest that is the closest wins a prize.

blue and brown all stars baby shower games, printable games, tlc96, instant download, baseball, basketball, football

Sports Themed Game

Add some fun to your party by incorporating this simple sports game. These special cards allow guests to make predictions about the baby being celebrated. The set comes with ten cards that are printed with black ink. You can choose between a white, ivory, or kraft brown background. What a great keepsake to remember a special day!

sports baby shower game
by MerryMeDesign

Free Sports Baby Shower Printable


Sports Baby Shower Photo Booth


Sports Baby Shower Favors

Marshmallow Party Favors

How adorable are these marshmallow party favors? You guests will love being able to take home this tasty treat that is packaged to perfection! The signs on the favor read “Hope you had a ball.” You  have the option to customize your favor with the date of your baby shower. Although it’s not included, you can even request for a special stand to be made to display your party favors.

Sports Ball Chocolate Covered Oreo

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