Sunflower Baby Shower Theme

Rustic sunflower background
Aaliya of Lacedbyliyah

Sunflower baby shower theme never goes out of fashion because of the vibrancy and beauty it gives to the spectator. It is perfect for a baby girl or for a summertime theme. The black and yellow contrast is appealing for the host and guests alike, and you never run out of options in decorating for the theme.

Oversized paper sunflower backdrop
Etsy MacaroniMinx

Sunflower baby shower decorations can work well indoors, but if you have greenery and fresh air with an open space, you could pull a memorable baby shower outdoor!

Sunflower Baby Shower Invitations

The design of the invitation should include plenty of sunflowers with a heading “A little sunflower is on the way!” You could add a baby girl to the invitation to make it even more adorable!

little sunflower is on the way invitation

Sunflower Baby Shower Decorations

You can start decorating the area with three color balloons to create your very own sunflowers. Black, yellow, and green color balloons will let you create the most beautiful sunflowers you can imagine. This is an affordable way to present the theme all over the place.

Making Sunflower from Balloons

By Balloons video tutorials

You can also use paper cutouts and fresh green plants to complement the decoration. The baby onesie banner is the most practical and wonderful thing you can do to the baby shower party. Prepare a clothesline with “BABY” spelled out with sunflower images on onesies. The banner will let you use the suit again, and even you can keep the banner for the next event.

Sunflower Baby Shower Food Table

For the food table, you could go for a black or a white cover and let every item on the table stand out. You can create a dessert table with cupcakes, cake pops, cookies, and jars of delicious candies.

edible sunflower toppers

Add a cutout image or edible sunflower as toppers and have matching food labels for each treats you are serving. For savory, a table with bite-size food will keep your guest entertained while they mingle with other guests.

rustic sunflower baby shower main food table with cake
IG @dyenya_sweet_treats
sunflower love is sweet sign
Bride and Bows

Balloon garland for the table will also enhance the decoration and theme of the party. The most affordable decoration will let you make as many tables as you want and add to the party to hold your guests.

sunflower baby shower balloon garland

Sunflower Baby Shower Cake

Sunflower baby shower cake will bring extra joy to the event. For a simple cake, you can make a single-tier cake and add fondant sunflowers or faux sunflowers to decorate the cake.

Sunflower Baby Shower Backdrop

For the backdrop of the dessert table, you can use brown or green colors with the help of sunflowers. Artificial green grass or a brown rustic wooden poster is the perfect thing that you can use as a background.

Rustic Sunflower Baby Shower

FREE Sunflower Baby Shower Background

Here is a free printable sunflower background by Magical Printable. The digital filet measures 40×60″ and is available in JPEG file. Download instantly and take it to your nearest print shop. Click on the image to get the freebie.

Sunflower Baby Shower Centerpiece

You don’t need to buy fancy products for a table centerpiece for the baby shower party. It is the simplest DIY that you can make to create the centerpiece for the sunflower theme. The basic idea is here is to present sunflowers creatively and appealingly.

sunflower in clear glass table centerpiece
Events by Janelle
Sunflower Princess Centerpiece
Aaliya of Lacedbyliyah

You can use old vases, fishbowls, or even wine glasses to hold real or fabricated sunflowers to boast as the centerpiece. A little paint or paper cutout will help you beautify the vase or whatever base you are using. The real small branches of any plant will help you create the real look for the centerpiece.

You can use real flowers or create your own with cardstock papers. See a video by Being Artistic on how you can make a beautiful paper sunflower. 

Your guests will love to see the sunflower in the centerpiece with the touch of creativity on any of your recycled items. Don’t hesitate to show your touch of art to convert an item into the most important piece of the party.

paper sunflower background

Sunflower Baby Shower Favors Ideas

Favors are a token of respect and acknowledgment for the presence of your guests. Various affordable and innovative ideas will help you create wonder favors.

One suitable option for a sunflower theme is to give your guests real sunflower seeds. You can add sunflower-themed tags with a saying like, “watch them grow and grow along with my little sunflower. You can go as creative as you want to let them enjoy the pleasure years after the party.

watch me grow sunflower seed favors

Sunflower EOS Balm Holder

These darling Eos Balm printables by Diana Maria Studio are a perfect solution to a sunflower themed baby shower party. They’re easy to put together, and the guests will be surprised by how cute they are!

sunflower EOS lip balm favor

Sunflower Thank You Tags

You can use this sunflower thank you tags or stickers to adorn the baby shower favors. If you are using them as stickers, you would need to print them on adhesive paper.

Sunflower Thank You Tags

Sunflower Baby Shower Game Ideas

Sunflower Don’t Say Baby

Don’t say baby” is one of the all-time favorite games for any baby shower theme. You can personalize the game by sticking the flower to the pins.

Sunflower Guess the Baby Food

Guess the baby food is another fun game to organize. Prepare 8 samples of baby food and ask the guests to guess what they are.

Sunflower Guess How Many Candies

Guessing how many candies are in the jar will also be a fun adventure for the event. The closest estimate will be the winner to take away a beautiful gift home.


Sunflower Baby Shower Collection

Check out these amazing Sunflower themed baby shower parties by talented event planners and bakers! Find their detail below the image! Enjoy and get inspired!

pink and yellow sunflower baby shower cake
@ sweettreatsbychrysean
giant sunflower arrangement in rustic burlap vase
@ calissweetevents
sunshine and sunflower baby shower dessert table
@ conniegarciafloralsandevents
sunflower baby girl cake
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rustic barn sunflower baby shower setup
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elegant sunflower dessert table
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baby in bloom sunflower cake and cupcakes
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gold and sunflower baby shower centerpiece
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sunflower girl in tutu candy apples
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handmade sunflower diaper cake
@ diapercakesbydede
beautiful sunflower baby shower cake
@ pinkrosecakeboutique
polka dot and sunflower baby shower decorations
@ eversosweet242
sunflower themed guest table
@ antoinettecraftyhands

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