Ahoy! Nautical Baby Shower Inspiration Board

Ahoy there! With another blessing on the way for my very dear friend, Kyla, I could not resist but offer to plan her bub’s baby shower – guilty I know but sometimes I look forward to organizing the shower more than the shower itself!

The intro might’ve given it away but yes, the Nautical theme was what we decided on.

Why Nautical of all the themes?

Well… when Kyla and I were teens looking to fall in love, we were swept away by the notion of one day finding a love letter sealed in a capsule floating on the beaches that would lead us to that very special person. Little did we anticipate that Kyla, in her blue and white striped bathers, would meet her man on a beach during a short summer’s road trip stopover for a cool down which lead from exchanging numbers, then her hand in marriage… and now, a baby!

It seemed as though the Nautical theme resembled all the elements that tied her profound memories that would set sail a new and exciting unchartered adventure!

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