Helpful Facts

Helpful Facts on Planning Baby Shower:

You can Go Green or Eco-friendly Theme

Green or Eco-friendly themes for women only events or for couples are popular these days. Your garden, a beautiful park or you can decorate the house with green plants are some of the best way to have an eco-friendly party. When it comes to baby shower invitation ideas, you can email it to save on the paper or use PCW recycled paper which are processed without chlorine. It is best to make use of plates and silverware, tablecloths and cloth napkins. You can ask your guests to have their gifts wrapped creatively with the use of recycled cloth or newspapers. Eco-friendly baby shower gift ideas can be made of sustainable materials such as organic clothing, organic cotton clothes, cloth diapers, wooden toys, green cleaning products and others. In making food, create a huge salad with the use of fresh local or organic fruits and vegetables. As prices for the games you can give locally made soaps or fair-trade teas.

Polka Dot Party

Polka dot theme party is easy and fun to organize for either a baby girl or baby boy. Order a two layer round cake at stores that offer baby shower cake ideas and frost at any color that you prefer. Make use of white frosting and food coloring to create the polka dots. You can make this design with cupcakes also. It is best to have the shower party outside to make bubbles float using a bubble machine. Design with clusters of balloons and offer ginger ale with pink or baby blue. Cut small finger sandwiches in a circle, pastel m and m, serve skittles or anything delicious that is round in shape.

Diapers and Dinners Baby Shower

This is a great idea for a mom-to-be who has children already and has already has baby gear stocked. Guests can bring a meal for the family which can be frozen and a bag of diapers. This provides the family dinner for a week and diapers for the newborn.