Funky & Modern Baby Shower Celebration

Funky and Modern Baby Shower Celebration
Funky and Modern Baby Shower Celebration Tablescape

Asta’s Funky & Modern Baby Shower:

Thanks Ashley for letting me share your friend’s baby shower photos! Ashley organized a funky and modern baby shower using some pink (for a baby girl!) with mixtures of yellow and black. I absolutely love the simplicity and various DIY decorations of this theme! The black and white striped paper straws matched the theme nicely, along with handmade thick paper stripe decors that ran down the wall and the back of the chairs. The choice of these Jumbo balloons was perfect too! A truly perfect modern baby shower ideas! The giant balloons were ordered from amazon, the washi tape from Etsy shop, and the paper straws were purchased from Moko Market

Here are the lovely photos by Ashley from Vauvasaurus:

DIY baby shower decoration for the wall
Funky and Modern Baby Shower Celebration
Funky and Modern Baby Shower drinking wear
Funky and Modern party needs
jumbo balloons ceiling decor
modern and simple baby shower cake and sweets

Purple Magenta Butterfly Garden Baby Shower

purple magenta garden cake
Purple Magenta Butterfly Garden Baby Shower Tablescape

Purple Magenta Butterfly Garden Baby Shower by Bee-unike Events

This colorful purple Magenta Butterfly Garden Baby Shower was planned by Bee-unike Events. The party was filled with beautiful shades of purple and pink. The decor made the party seem like a true fairy tale. What a perfect theme for a new baby girl!

baby girls dress

The dessert table was gorgeous! A large four tier cake was surrounded by magenta flowers on the bottom. Every layer of the cake featured an ornate gold trim. The top and sides of the cake were decorated with beautiful fondant flowers. This cake was incredibly unique with an indented center that was also filled with matching flowers. Gold butterflies also decorated the bottom and center of the cake. Cake pops and other goodies were also intricately decorated to fit with the theme.

butterfly and garden flower filled cake

The background of the dessert table was equally gorgeous! A Large leafy background was covered with magenta flowers and featured a sparkling gold sign that read “Baby Girl.” A sheer light purple curtain framed the background and made the ceiling into a part of the decor. Floating candles on white pedestals added a feeling of delightful ambiance to the dessert area. A fluffy white rug was placed underneath the dessert area.

garden flower table mat

To the side of the dessert table was area that was perfect for photo opportunities! A large chair with ornate gold detail was placed in front of a backdrop filled with purple, white, and magenta flowers. Sheer purple curtains and soft white rug topped off this picture perfect area.

The guest tables were also decorated to fit with the theme. The tables and chairs were covered in white. Gold charger plates held customized name plates that matched the decor perfectly. Gorgeous floral arrangements were placed at the center of each table. Every table had a number, so guests knew exactly where to sit.

Even the entrance of this beautiful Butterfly Garden Baby Shower was decorated to fit with the theme. A beautiful sign welcomed guests to the shower. The sign was surrounded by a cascade of purple, pink, and white balloons. Purple flowers were intertwined with the balloons.

cake with gold butterfly opening
garden flower filled background
girl lettering
gold and lavender napkin table setup
gold baby lettering backdrop
gold butterfly cutout paper decoration
gold frame flower vase
green plant background
lavender and gold butterfly cupcakes
little girls lavender tutu with pink flower
pink butterflies
Purple Magenta Butterfly Garden baby shower backdrop
purple magenta garden cake
purple pink lavender leaves balloon arch
stunning butterfly garden baby shower theme
stunning flower bouquet centerpiece
table setup

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Simple Chic Floral Baby Shower Setup

Simple Chic Floral Baby Shower

This simple chic floral baby shower setup was planned by Kay of Magical Printable. The theme is perfect for the celebration of a baby girl. Gorgeous flowers in shades of pink filled the room along with bright pops of white.

beautiful flower topper

The cake for this set up was simple, but stunning! A one tier cake frosted in white was topped with large pink flowers. The cake was set on a gray platter which was also decorated with flowers around the bottom. An array of pink flowers and vines served as the perfect backdrop for the cake.

flower decor

Cupcakes were also designed to fit with the theme. The simple white frosting of the cupcakes contrasted perfectly with the decorative pink wrappers. The wrappers included designs of chevron, polka-dot, and solid pink. Each cupcake was sprinkled with decorative pearls for an extra special touch.

Other desserts for this setup included macaroons and cake pops. The macaroons were shades of pink with a white frosted middle. Cake pops were dipped in pink and decorated with ornate white flowers.

The backdrop of this set up featured gorgeous flowers in shades of pink. Everything was set on top of an elegant lace table runner.

peonies flower cake
pink and red macaroons
pink and white cupcakes
pink and white frosted cupcakes
pink chic baby shower party
pink floral chic decor
pink flower background
pink peonies topper
Simple Chic Floral Baby Shower tablescape idea
simple chic white cake
simple shabby chic flower cake
various soft pink flowers

Ahoy Teddy Bear Baby Shower Party

ahoy welcome baby dessert table
Ahoy Teddy Bear Baby Shower tablescape

Ahoy Teddy Bear Baby Shower by Crystal Lannozzi:

This adorable Ahoy Teddy Bear themed baby shower was thoughtfully planned by Crystal Lannozzi. The party was filled with teddy bears and nautical decor. This party theme was perfect to welcome a baby boy or girl.

ahoy welcome baby dessert table

The dessert table was filled with delicious looking goodies! Rather than the traditional cake, this party featured a 5 tier platform filled with tasty chocolate and vanilla cupcakes. Amongst the other sweet treats were brownies, cookies, and cake pops. All of the desserts were decorated to fit with the red, white, and blue color scheme. Guests could also indulge in a candy bar. Three glass jars held a variety of candy flavors.

The background of the dessert table fits perfectly with the theme. A large backdrop read “welcome baby” and featured a sailboat, lighthouse, and anchor. Red, white, and blue balloons perfectly framed the backdrop. The table was covered in a crisp white tablecloth and topped with decorative fish netting. A couple of starfish were even placed on top of the netting. An extra large teddy bear with an adorable nautical tie was placed in a chair beside the dessert table.

BABY blocks

A white curtain made for the perfect photo backdrop. A banner near the top of the curtain read “Ahoy It’s a Boy!” On one side of the curtain transparent boxes were filled with red, white, and blue balloons. The creative boxes were made to look like baby blocks and spelled out “baby.” The other side of the photo booth featured an array of nautical themed balloons.

For guests who preferred less formal photo opportunities, a selfie station was home to a variety of props. A cute sign even included a hashtag for guests to use on social media when posting their selfies.

selfie station chalkboard sign

The guest tables were decorated perfectly to fit with the theme! Each table was covered with a crisp white tablecloth and topped with a red table runner. Every guest spot featured a navy blue napkin, wine glass, and white coffee mug. Some of the tables featured an adorable teddy bear sailor cutout in the center while other tables were topped with exquisite nautical themed diaper cakes. Glass jars filled with seashells held floating candles.

This party did not come up short on entertainment. Guests had the opportunity to participate in a fun diaper raffle to win prizes. Another game was called “Late Night Diapers.” Guests could have fun using the provided markers to create fun-filled messages on the diapers for the parents-to-be. Paper games called “who knows the parents best” were also provided at the guest tables.

Of course, there were some safety measures in place. All guests were provided with masks and hand sanitizer was placed throughout the room. An adorable photo of a teddy bear wearing masks showed guests how to and how not to wear a mask to keep everyone safe.

ahoy baby shower during covid
ahoy baby shower table setup
ahoy guest book
ahoy sailor teddy centerpiece
count all the waves in the sea
cute teddy wear showing how to wear mask sign
diaper raffle with diaper cake
late night diapers and diaper cake
mommy to be chair
onesie bunting at bar station
sailor teddy cutout centerpiece for table
wear your mask station sign

Bunny and Friends 100 Day Celebration

fox and bunny cakepops

Bunny & Friends 100 Day Celebration by Ms. Laine Events

This Bunny & Friends 100 Day celebration was planned by Ms. Laine Events. The event was filled with sweet and adorable decor. The soft color palette made the party even cuter!

The dessert table was adorable! Two tiers of cupcakes were made to look just like woodland animals. Macaroons were creatively placed on a triangular prism to resemble a tree. The macaroons took the shapes of sweet rabbits, foxes, and birds. A pink bow was the perfect way to complete the tree. An adorable pink and white cake was topped with a fondant hot air balloon with exquisite detail. Even the cake pops fit with the theme. The cake pops were also made to look like adorable rabbits and bunnies.

Th background of the dessert table was stunning! A sheer white curtain was placed in front of sparkling white lights. A special banner in pink and purple was made for the special day. Pink and purple balloons made a beautiful cascade. A small basket with a stuffed animal was repurposed into a miniature hot air balloon. Pink and purple balloons were used to give the hot air balloon the appearance of floating. A variety of white and purple flowers were placed at the front of the table. An adorable stuffed rabbit was also repurposed into an elegant decoration.

Words from the Planner: Oh! My Bunny & friends. How cute is this 100 days celebration for baby Aryssa despite only have a short time to plan. We are so in love with how everything came together – the details and the sweet color combination

adorable animal cupcakes
bunny and fox macaroons in pastels
Bunny and Friends 100 Day Celebration
Bunny and Friends 100 Day party ideas
bunny and friends hot air balloon
bunny fox birds cupcake toppers
fox and bunny cake toppers
fox and bunny cakepops
hot air balloon cake
silver glitter bunny display
silver glitter purple pink balloo arch
sweet bunny and friends decors

Drivers, Start your Engines! “Racing By” Baby Shower

Racing By Drive-Through Baby Shower tablescape

“Racing By” Drive-Through Baby Shower by EXTRAordinary Things by Arielle | IG: extraordinarybyarielle

In the current pandemic, event planners and hosts have to get creative with their party preparations. One trend that has sped into the spotlight is drive-by showers, where guests drive by the host’s home to drop off gifts and pick up favors quickly. It’s all the same fun and charisma of a typical shower, with no close contact!

Arielle, an event stylist, fully embraced this concept and gave one couple the ultimate racing-themed baby shower to celebrate the upcoming birth of their little one! The décor was equal parts cute, creative, and conscious of everyone’s safety.

A huge welcome banner (I mean, huge) and archway welcomes the guests as they roll up to the starting line of the shower. Once they get the green light, guests come to the first Pit Stop – the Gift Compound. They can drop off their gifts with minimal contact but still see the smiling faces of the Mom and Dad of the Hour. Super cute and a perfect concept for the theme!

After the next leg of the race, guests come to the second Pit Stop – the Refueling Station! At this stop, guests receive a boxed lunch and delicious cupcake to thank them for attending. And all of it is packaged to-go in checkered-flag boxes that drive the racing theme home.

In between the two pit stops is the focal point of the whole event – the Finish Line. A “roadway” draws your eye up to the top of the driveway, transformed into a winner’s circle for the growing family. It’s complete with checkered flag patterns galore, a balloon tower stoplight, thrones for Mom and Dad, and an adorable little hot rod for their two little ones. And let’s not forget the outfit that Mama is wearing! She looks fantastic rocking that racing suit.

Take a victory lap, Arielle; this drive-by racing baby shower brings all race fans to their feet!

we are almost to the finish line racing by baby shower
welcome race fans
guests driving through baby shower
stunning mommy to be in racing themed outfit
racing drive by baby shower refueling station
Racing By Drive-Through Baby shower
Racing By Drive-Through Baby shower finish line
pit stop refueling station drive-thru baby shower
pit stop gift compound
Party Favors with Brisket Sandwiches and Cupcakes
mommy to be throne chair
gift station

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