Fun and Creative Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Fun and Creative Elf on the Shelf Ideas
elf landing into christmas tree
Fun and Creative Elf on the Shelf Ideas

“Elf on the Shelf” is a delightful holiday tradition where a scout elf is sent by Santa to keep an eye on the children and report back on their behavior. Remember to consider the age and interests of the children when arranging Elf on the Shelf activities, and have fun making the holiday season more magical with these creative ideas!

  • Christmas Countdown: Have the elf hold a small chalkboard or sign displaying the number of days left until Christmas.
  • Elf on the Swing: Hang the elf from a ribbon or string, making it look like they’re swinging from a chandelier or curtain rod.
  • Elf’s Movie Night: Set up a small movie night scene with popcorn, tiny movie tickets, and a tiny screen for the elf to enjoy a holiday movie.
  • Elf’s Snow Angels: Place the elf on a countertop or table surrounded by sugar, creating “snow angels” with a tiny spoon or fork.
  • Elf’s Marshmallow Hot Tub: Fill a small bowl with mini marshmallows and place the elf inside, making it look like a cozy hot tub.
zip lining across the kitchen
  1. Elf’s Zip Line Adventure: Attach a string from one end of the room to another and have the elf ride a toy zip line.
  2. Elf’s Decorating Fun: Provide miniature craft supplies and have the elf “decorate” a tiny dollhouse or make tiny ornaments.
  3. Elf Wrapping Gifts: Have the elf wrap small gifts or toys with tiny wrapping paper and ribbons.
  4. Elf’s Cookie Baking: Arrange miniature baking items and ingredients, and have the elf pretend to bake tiny cookies in a toy oven.
  5. Elf’s Candy Shop: Set up a small candy shop with the elf behind the counter, serving candy to other toys or dolls.
all you can eat buffet
  • Elf’s Letter to Santa: Prop the elf with a miniature pen and paper, writing a letter to Santa about the children’s good behavior.
  • Elf’s Balloon Ride: Inflate a balloon and tie a string around the elf’s waist, creating a makeshift hot air balloon.
  • Elf’s Snowball Fight: Arrange mini marshmallows or cotton balls around the elf to make it look like they had a snowball fight.
  • Elf Ball Pit: Create a ball pit by filling up a bowl with chocolate balls.
  1. Elf as Santa’s Helper: Dress the elf in a mini Santa outfit and have them assist another toy as “Santa.”
  2. Elf on a Candy Cane Sled: Use candy canes as sled runners and position the elf riding a small toy sled.
  3. Elf’s Fishing Adventure: Set up a mini fishing rod and have the elf “fish” for small toy fish in a bowl of water.

  1. Elf’s Yoga Class: Arrange the elf in various yoga poses, perhaps using mini yoga props for added effect.
  2. Elf’s Gift Wrapping Station: Set up a mini gift wrapping station with the elf wrapping tiny gifts for the toys.
  3. Elf’s Snowman Building: Arrange marshmallows or cotton balls in a snowman shape, and have the elf pretend to build a snowman.
rudolph has a big red nose!
find the hidden treat
i bought you back a little snowman from the north pole
poor snowman marshmallow has been grated and baby marshmallows have come out the bottom
poor snowman marshmallow has been grated and baby marshmallows have come out the bottom
this is how you do the floss right
i farted in here. wanna smell
elf quarantine in progress. do not open
elf target practice
im digging for gold garden elf idea
elf in toilet idea with chocolate
is it apple juice or elf pee
help in bathroom shark attack
elf gym
i made a cup of tea
Potty Training during Christmas time
smartie pants
i packed your lunch i hope you like it
elf climbing
sorry i was a bit cold in the night now im toasty
elf stuck
we have our eyes on you
help i got washed now im white
we have our eyes on you
elf tucked into bread
i didnt make it to the bathroom
i pea d my elf
i farted and hiding from the smell
I hope you dont mind I have borrowed your butt brush
elf in chocolate santa
elf jokes
mischief elf
do you wanna build a snowman using toilet rolls
The elves have replaced all the cutlery with chocolate and sweets
elf stuck in balloon
tell me 3 wonderful things you did today so i can share them with santa tonight
elf yoga

Making Mini Marshmallow Sticks (Sshmallows Sticks)


Making mini marshmallow sticks is a fun and simple activity that’s perfect for adding a sweet touch to hot cocoa, desserts, or for use as a treat during holidays or special occasions.

Making Easy Mini Marshmallow Sticks

Mini marshmallow sticks are not only delicious but also versatile. You can customize them with different types of chocolate, sprinkles, or other toppings to match various occasions. They make for a fun and tasty DIY project that can be enjoyed by both kids and adults.

Here’s how to make mini marshmallow sticks:

Materials You’ll Need

Mini Marshmallows: You can find mini marshmallows at most grocery stores.

Toothpick Sticks: These will serve as the sticks for your mini marshmallows. You can use either toothpick sticks or wooden skewers, which you can cut down to the desired size.

Melting Chocolate or Chocolate Chips: You can use white, milk, or dark chocolate, depending on your preference.

Sprinkles (optional): For decoration and added flavor, you can use colorful sprinkles or other toppings.

Marshmallow mini sticks with kids

Steps to Make Mini Marshmallow Sticks

  1. Thread Mini Marshmallows: Thread the mini marshmallows onto the toothpick sticks or skewers. You can push them down the stick, leaving a small space at the bottom for holding.
  2. Melt the Chocolate: In a microwave-safe bowl, melt the chocolate according to the package instructions, usually in short intervals to prevent burning. Stir the chocolate until it’s smooth and completely melted.
  3. Dip and Coat Marshmallows: Dip the marshmallows into the melted chocolate. You can dip them partially or entirely, depending on your preference.
  4. Add Sprinkles (Optional): While the chocolate is still wet, you can add sprinkles, crushed candy canes, or other decorative toppings to the coated marshmallows.

Marshmallow Treat Collection

Creative ways to use Marshmallows for party treats by many amazing creators! You can find the name of who made it below each image. I hope you get some inspiration.

Muller Chocolate fix with strawbs and mini marshmallow sticks
sprinkled circus marshmallows
Christmas snowman marshamallows
winter Marshmallow Penguins
homemade caramel topped with a honey vanilla marshmallow
Strawberry brownies and marshmallow sticks
toasted marshmallow on choc chip cookies
pretty pastel marshmallows
the grinch fruit and marshmallow sticks
winter chocolate coconut coated Marshmallow Snowballs
Baked Snowman cookies
Chocolate Reindeer Marshmallow Pops
stacked marshmallow snowman sticks
Yummy Ice Cream Theme Marshmallow Pops
Valentines Day marshmallow treat
beacontreats, with_love_kitty
Unicorn Marshmallows and sprinkles chocolate block

Swan Baby Shower Ideas

beautiful swan party backdrop

Swans are known famously to be one of the most nurturing animals in the world! What could be a more perfect and a beautiful theme for a baby shower than one revolving around these magical creatures? Swan Baby Shower Invitation Swan Baby Shower Invitations Whether a baby girl, boy, or twins is expected, a swan … Read more

Yellow and Blue Mickey Mouse Baby Shower Party

Mickey Mouse Block Centerpieces
Yellow and Blue Mickey Mouse Baby Shower Party

This adorable yellow and blue Mickey Mouse themed baby shower was planned by Jessica Walker Albert.

The backdrop for this party was stunning! Plain walls were instantly transformed to be a part of the party decor. A longer wall at the front of the room was covered in light blue, yellow, and sheer white curtains. Sparkling gold curtains framed everything perfectly.

baby mickey mouse tablewares

The tops of the curtains were decorated with yellow, blue, and white balloons. Some of the balloons even featured adorable white polka-dots. A large formation of white balloons formed a cloud above the table of honor.

Baby Mickey Mouse Baby shower Table Centerpiece

This party was all about honoring the mom-to-be. A table of honor was covered in a decorative white table cloth and sparkly blue tablecloth decorated with yellow roses. The chair for the mom-to-be was even decorated in blue fabric and featured a decorative gold strip.

blue and yellow balloon arch setup

A dessert area was ready to display tasty treats. The area for desserts was on a table decorated in gold sequins with a light blue table runner. Extra-large white blocks at the back of the dessert table spelled the word “baby.” Three white cake stands were displayed at the front of the table.

Cute Mickey Mouse Baby shower

The guest tables for this party were adorable! Each table was decorated with a white or yellow textured tablecloth. Sparkling or sheer blue table runners added an extra pop of color to the table decor.

Each table featured an adorable centerpiece of Mickey Mouse sitting on top of two large baby blocks. Even the plates fit perfectly with the theme. Mickey Mouse-themed plates were set on top of intricate gold charger plates. Both the napkins and chairs were covered in gold sequins.

Extra wall space was creatively used to create an adorable Mickey Mouse themed photo backdrop. The backdrop was near the table of honor, which made it the perfect spot for opening gifts.

Mickey Mouse Block Centerpieces
Blue and yellow Mickey Mouse Baby shower
blue baby mickey mouse backdrop
baby mickey mouse guest tables
Mickey Mouse Baby shower table setup
Mickey Mouse party Balloons
Sleeping baby mickey mouse cutout prop
Sleeping baby mickey mouse prop

Pink and Silver Minnie Mouse Baby Shower

Pink Minnie Mouse Baby Shower
Pink and Silver Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Tablescape

This gorgeous pink and silver Minnie Mouse themed baby shower was decorated by Sugar Sweet Events N Prints. The party was filled with pink and silver decor in true Minnie Mouse fashion.

The dessert area for this party was incredible! A pink platter with an “Oh baby” sign reserved a special spot for the cake. Two stunning pink floral bouquets were beautifully displayed on either side of the large cake platter. They were wrapped in black and white polka dots and looked absolutely gorgeous.

Personalized Chocolate Wrapper

Cookies, caramel apples, and Rice Krispie treats were all individually bagged for guests to enjoy on the go. Cookies were creatively displayed on a mini acrylic picture stands.

Minnie Mouse Chip Bags

Each caramel apple featured an adorable Minnie Mouse bow. There were even chocolate bars with custom-themed wrappers. Guests looking for something salty to go along with their sweets could grab a bag of potato chips that were designed to fit with the party theme.

The background of the dessert table was equally incredible. A large Minnie Mouse banner was designed with the name of the baby being celebrated. The banner was framed with sheer pink and white curtains. Sparkling silver curtains on the outside edge completed the perfect background. A cascade of pink, white, and black balloons matched perfectly with the party decor.

Pink and Silver Minnie Mouse Throne Chairs

A sitting area near the dessert table made the perfect area for photo opportunities. The background was covered with gorgeous sparkling silver curtains. Sheer pink and white curtains were elegantly draped across the silver curtains. Two large white throne chairs were decorated with sparkly pillows. The floor was even covered with a soft gray rug.

The guest tables were also decorated to fit with the theme. Every table was covered in a sparkling silver tablecloth and table runner. The centerpieces included gorgeous pink floral arrangments with a Minnie Mouse cutout in the center. The chairs were covered in white and included pretty pink accents.


Decorations: Sugar Sweet Events N Prints
Treats: Tina Robinson

Pink Minnie Mouse Baby Shower
Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Dessert Table
Pink Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Welcome Sign
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