Ballerina in Paris Party

rose gold table centerpieces
Ballerina in Paris Baby Shower Tablescape

Party themes aren’t just singularly focused anymore, making for a much more personalized experience for all involved. Recently, party planner Susan Driver put this idea into motion with a “Ballerina in Paris” party full of unforgettable aesthetics. Décor was a marriage of petite pretty and breathtaking exquisiteness all in one, merging pale pinks, delicious aromas of big, fluffy roses, and gorgeous desserts to die for.

Tables were put together to create one long banquet set-up, covered in glittery pink tablecloths. A long bouquet of balloons cascaded down the middle, creating a beautiful centerpiece lined with tiny tea roses, tall crystal chandeliers with twinkling gems, and a bouquet ball of roses tufted with pink tulle. Baby pink tableware and white chairs tied with tulle bows completed the magical set-up.

The entryway to the soiree was fantastical and elegant, with a barrage of balloons, flowers, and two life-sized mannequins—one dressed in a formal gold gown and the other dressed in the perfect ensemble for a world-renowned ballerina.

The dessert table over to the far side of the venue was just as amazing, complete with a white and pink curtained backdrop, topped with a gorgeous floral arrangement. The table itself was decked out with plenty of pink tulle and glitter, and plates of personalized bags and boxes of candies and cookies were laid out for all to enjoy.

ballerina rose gold birthday tablescape
dessert table
mini balloons and leaves centerpieces
pink and rose pink balloon arch
rose gold table centerpieces
tutu tulle chair skirts
ballerina in paris party

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Essential Decor Supplies For Any Baby Shower

Essential Decor Supplies For Any Baby Showe partyr

Are you or someone you know, expecting a new baby? A baby is a true blessing and should be celebrated at every stage. However, it’s so important to recognize and celebrate the mother-to-be as well, with a baby shower. It’s the perfect balance to kick off welcoming a new life as well as helping a mom out with some much-needed supplies and support. When planning a shower for yourself or a loved one, you can become overwhelmed by all of the different colors, materials, and themes. Whether the new baby is a boy, girl, or a secret, throwing a baby shower isn’t hard at all. These days throwing a shower can be very exciting because of all the many themes you can choose from. There are so many beautiful baby shower decoration ideas in stores and online. When it comes to decorating, as long as you have the essentials below, you will surely have the most charming baby shower to celebrate a new baby on the way.

Mason Jars

One of the most significant areas of decorations for any celebration is the centerpieces. Your imagination can run wild in this category. For any theme and decoration style, mason jars are the perfect solution. As an added bonus, they are budget-friendly, too! One way you can use the jars is by tying a ribbon around the rim and filling them with fresh flowers. If you’re aiming for a festive and authentic look, you can also paint them, stain them, or cover them with glitter. While fresh flowers look great inside the jars, you don’t have to stop there. There is an assortment of other items you can use and display in the jars as well to be more fitting to your theme. One idea starts by filling the jars about halfway with sand. Then, using wooden dowels, you can create tulle pom poms to glue to the ends and stick in the sand—a different twist to a classic floral centerpiece. Get creative and decorate the mason jars to show your desired theme and don’t forget neutral linens for the tables, too!

Picture Frames

The next item to have on hand when planning a baby shower is picture frames. If you want to display some of the baby’s keepsakes like the ultrasound pictures, they are an effortless way to share the images with your loved ones. Frames are essential because they can be used for other functions, such as holding signs or displaying game ideas. If you need a decorative sign for your gift table, shower games, or the food menu for the shower, picture frames are an easy way to incorporate your themes into the smaller aspects of the event. Also, if they don’t fit your desired look perfectly, they aren’t difficult to alter. You can paint and decorate them however you need — and even make a chalkboard out of them! To do this, all you need is chalk paint and a flat piece of cardboard. Remove the glass and use it to trace a cardboard piece. Cut the cardboard out, paint it, and replace it for the glass that was there originally. Then, reassemble the rest. Finding and purchasing picture frames is a non-complicated way to highlight elegance to the necessary areas of the shower.


The goal for decorating is always to transform a space so that guests can feel comfortable and sense the effortlessness of the space and decorations. A perfect element to help with this are balloons. They are an inexpensive party item that can assist in giving a grand display of the desired subject, colors, and atmosphere. Nowadays, there are elaborate balloon arches, walls, and more! Stringing some helium-filled balloons is a thing of the past because these beautiful looking balloon sculptures are not hard to make at all. There are a few different ways to make a balloon arch on your own. One technique uses paper clips and fishing line. First, blow up the balloons without helium, so they don’t fly away. Then, using a paperclip, feed the ends of four balloons through it. Do this until you have enough to thread the paper clips through the fishing line of the desired length. Use removable wall hooks to display and manipulate the shape on the wall perfectly. You can use the ballons as a photo backdrop or a focal point in the space!

Don’t get stressed seeing all the baby shower decoration options in party stores or online. Start with the essentials and then add more as you see fit. With mason jars, picture frames, and balloons, the baby shower will look perfectly decorated no matter the theme. When starting with these items, you can prioritize some other important tasks like the guest list, invitations, and food. Many elements go into these celebrations and decorations shouldn’t be an area to get caught up on! Start with the necessities, but most of all, celebrate the baby and the mother-to-be!

Essential Decor Supplies For Any Baby Showe partyr

Baby Shower During Coronavirus

baby shower during coronavirus

The coronavirus has altered the state of the world and changed the way our day-to-day lives work. From new social distancing norms to mandated stay-at-home orders urging isolation for months, this is a situation that feels very much like time has stopped. But the fact is, life is still going on, and people are still experiencing important milestones in their lives, such as new babies on the way, weddings, anniversaries, etc. We don’t know how long the world itself will be at a standstill like this, and celebrating these big milestones in our lives that continue on no matter what, is significant. There are ways to do this while still being safe and healthy during this pandemic, so if you’ve got a little miracle on the way, never fear! Below, check out the amazing ways you can still celebrate a baby shower with your loved ones.

baby shower during coronavirus

Virtual Baby Shower

We are so lucky to be in a time of video messaging in the forms of apps like Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime. There are one of two ways that you might choose to celebrate, but regardless of which you go with, send out invitations! We have plenty of free instant download digital invitations in variety of designs. Just because everyone can be together doesn’t mean you can’t make this celebration feel like a true one. Adorable invitations are a way to get into the spirit of celebrating the upcoming bundle of joy.


If you’re looking for something a little more low key and quiet, you can settle in your baby’s nursery with the gifts your loved ones have sent to you by post. Then, have all the guests hop on a conference video call through a shared app so that everyone can experience watching you open your gifts, and they can see the nursery you’ve created! If you don’t have access to Zoom, you can even live stream on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat. This is convenient and easy for everyone, no matter what devices they’re on.

Zoom Zoom:

But, if you want to go all out like you would if you could be together with your party guests, you can do that, too! For this, you’ll need a video conferencing app (such as Zoom, as mentioned) so that you and all of your loved ones can share the screen together. For this type of baby shower celebration, give info to your guests in the invitation beforehand to be prepared to play whatever games you’ve decided on. You might even choose to send baby shower packets to your guests, which can include game materials and baby shower favors. You can even include ingredients to simple recipes so that every guest can enjoy the same baby shower treats that they themselves easily whip up! Things like minimal ingredient cookies and muffins are ideal for this.

Some really easy and fun games to play remotely with each other are Baby Bingo, Guess That Celebrity Baby, or Nursery Rhyme Trivia. Printable activities are a great idea as well, because you can send guests digital versions of these to print out at their home. To make it more interactive, you can personalize the Guess That Celebrity Baby Game to include photos of the guest! You’ll need to get the guests to send their baby photo to you, yes, it may sound like a lot of work, but trust me it will be worth the effort!

Custom Guess the celebrity baby photos

6 Foot Block Shower!

If your loved ones live nearby, why not gather in person with the necessary precautions to celebrate? By keeping things outside, and guests standing at least six feet from one another, you can all still be together and party for the baby on the way! You can prepare goody bags with treats, games, and favors prior to the event and leave those in a spot in your driveway or yard for guests to pick up separately, yet still enjoy all together! You can do this same method with guests individually dropping off gifts in a certain area. Just remember—this idea for a baby shower is probably only possible if you have plenty of outside space, as the logistics for at least six feet of space would not work indoors.


Simple Drop-Off.

If you’re looking for something ultra-simple for everyone and completely stress-free, for whatever reason, you can hold a simple drop-off and greet. Guests can drop off their gifts at your doorstep and say hello, and you can send them home with premade bags of baby-themed treats and fun favors. Hassle-free, no contact, and your loved ones still get to show up to celebrate you and your new baby.

Fairytale Princess Party in Pink and Gold

Vintage Princess Party Setup

Fairytale Princess Party in Pink and Gold by Events By Janelle:

This pink and gold fairytale princess themed party was planned by Events by Janelle. The party was filled with pretty shades of pink and elegant gold accents. The decor made this party perfect for a royal princess!

The dessert table was gorgeous! A pink and gold cake was made to look like a beautiful castle. The castle was complete with towers that were decorated with gold flags. Cupcakes were decorated with tasty looking pink and white frosting. Each cupcake was topped with a beautiful sparkling gold topper. Cake pops were dipped in gold and displayed on an elegant silver and gold serving tray. A colorful candy bar provided guests with lots of options to make a tasty concoction of treats.

The background of the dessert table was equally gorgeous! The majority was the background was covered in blush pink. A large sign was created for the guest of honor and included a decorative gold trim. Pink and gold balloons formed an archway over the background. There were even a few metallic teal balloons that added a pop of color. Floral arrangements filled with shades of pink decorated the table.

The guest tables were decorated with pink and gold polka dotted plates on a matching tablecloth. Floral arrangements were elegantly displayed in mason jars. Each guest received a special treat in a crisp white bag. The bags were decorated with sparkling princess crowns for the guests to wear.

Pink balloons with pops of metallic gold and blue covered an entire wall to make for the perfect place for a photo opportunity! The balloons were even set up on a wooden stage to create a memorable and special area.

Fairytale Princess Party Setup backdrop
Glitter Gold and Soft Pink Cupcakes
Pink and Gold and Teal Princess
Pink and Rose Pink Balloons
Fairytale Princess Party in Pink and Gold
Soft Pink and White Flowers
Tiara Princess Tagged on Favor Bags
Vintage Princess Party Setup

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Gold and Pink Blush Ballerina Baby Shower

Gold and Pink Blush Ballerina Baby Shower Inspirations

Gold and Pink Blush Ballerina Baby Shower by Aura Decorations

This gorgeous and extravagant gold and pink blush ballerina themed baby shower was planned by Aura Decorations. The party was filled with different shades of pink, which made it perfect to celebrate a new baby girl.

The dessert table was amazing and unique! A blush pink vintage suitcase worked as the table for the cake. The three tier cake was adorable! The bottom of the cake was designed with fondant to look like a white tablecloth. Pink bows were strategically placed around the base of the cake. The top of the cake was decorated with intricately made ballerina slippers which perfectly with the theme. Smaller tables on either side of the cake held scrumptious looking cake pops and cupcakes on gold platters.

Even more amazing was the background of the dessert table. A large cascade of balloons was filled with different shades of pink and gold. Sheet pink curtains covered the entire background. In front of the curtains were two beautiful mirrors with gold trim. A large circle made from roses displayed the name of the baby being celebrated. Two adorable miniature mannequins held life-like ballerina costumes that were sparkling with pink gems. To the right of the dessert table was a vintage style buggy filled with gorgeous pink flowers. In front of the buggy were two large glass containers filled with beautiful pink flower arrangements. A large white chair with gold trim made the perfect place for a photo opportunity. The chair was even complete with a soft white blanket and pink pillow. A large white rug made the floor look comfortable and welcoming.

The guest tables also fit with the theme. Each table was covered with a pink tablecloth and gold plates. Even the chairs were decorated for the theme. Each chair featured a sparkly gold wrap. The center of the tables featured beautiful wire mannequins with pink tutus. Gold vases with pink roses also added a decorative touch. Each table was also numbered so guests could easily find where they needed to be.

Aura decorations
Cake and cup cakes by Nka cakes
Sweets by lenni sweets


Sweet Pastel Teddy Baby Shower

Sweet Pastel Safari Baby shower table setting
Sweet Pastel Teddy Baby Shower

Sweet Pastel Teddy Baby Shower by Aura Decorations

This adorable sweet pastel teddy bear themed baby shower was planned by Aura Decorations. The party was stunning with gold and blue accents everywhere. It was the perfect party to welcome a new baby boy.

The dessert table featured cute treats and decor. A large cake in the center of the table was decorated with a fondant teddy bear and giraffe. The top of the cake was home to a 3D teddy bear and toy blocks which spelled out “baby.” Gold platters were filled with cake pops. Each cake pop included an adorable 3D teddy bear near the stem. Cupcakes were also decorated with sweet teddy bears. Below the platters were more delicious looking treats that were decorated to match the theme.

The background of the dessert table was perfect for a sweet teddy bear themed baby shower. A large cascade of balloons in gold, orange, and blue formed an arch around the dessert area. Letters in shiny gold spelled out the name of the baby being celebrated for everyone to see. Simple white curtains elegantly framed the entire dessert area. A large white chair was decorated with a soft blanket and a teddy bear. A stuffed giraffe and zebra were also used to decorated the dessert area.

The guest tables were also decorated to fit with the theme. Each table was covered with a white tablecloth and gold plates with light blue napkins. One of the centerpieces was a large blue and white play blocks with a stuffed giraffe on the top. Other centerpieces included beautiful bouquets of flowers and teddy bears. All of the tables were numbered to make it easy for guests to find where to sit. Even the chairs were decorated to fit the theme. Each chair was covered in white and included a blue or gold accent around he top.

aura decorations
cake and cup cake and mini cakes : Nka cakes
sweets by: lenni sweets

abc block centerpiece with giraffe soft toy
bluff gold and baby blue
gold and blue sweet animal cupcakes
mommy to be chair
pastel baby shower cake
pastel teddy sweets and treats
soft animals Baby shower decorations
Sweet Pastel Teddy Baby Shower
Sweet Pastel Safari Baby shower table setting
teddy bear welcome sign
teddy bear with blue ribbon centerpiece for table