Exciting Gender Reveal Party Themes and Photos


A gender reveal is such an exciting time for the parents-to-be! These days parents are not just getting an answer to their long-awaited question; they’re having celebrations! Whether you’re looking to have a small party with immediate family or a large gathering to share news there are tons of gender reveal theme ideas to choose from. Read on to get some inspiration for your gender reveal party theme!

Exciting Gender Reveal Party Themes and Photos


Team Blue or Team Pink

This is a classic gender reveal theme that makes decorating a breeze! From invitations to party decor, you’ll easily find everything you need to throw the perfect party in no time. This adorable Team Blue or Team Pink invitation is sure to get your guests excited for the big day!

Team Blue or Team Pink gender reveal invitation
Team Pink Team Blue Gender Reveal drink labels
team blue or team pink what do you think centerpieces

Prince or Princess

If you plan on treating your little one like royalty, a Prince or Princess gender reveal might be the perfect theme!

You can still incorporate the classic blue and pink colors with this theme, but you can add some royal twists such as crowns and jewels. This is another theme that has a lot of ready to hang decor available for purchase. This Royal Crown backdrop is sure to turn any blank wall into a part of the party.

Gender Reveal Prince or Princess Royal Crown for Party Backdrop
Prince or Princess gender reveal sanitizer label
Prince or Princess Gender Reveal Party Invitation
Prince or Princess Gender Reveal cake
Prince or Princess Gender Reveal

Ball or Ballet

While it might be a common stereotype, many little girls become graceful ballerinas and little boys choose to ball some form of ball. This theme has a lot of opportunities for customization.

You could choose to focus on a specific sport such as basketball or include a combination of multiple sports. The best part about this theme is items you might already have around the house can be worked into the theme. That basketball that you haven’t used for years might make an excellent prop for a photo booth.

Ball or Ballet Gender Reveal Party Invitation
Basketball or Ballet Gender Reveal Party Invitation

What’s The Scoop

This gender reveal theme has been increasingly growing in popularity. Most “What’s The Scoop” themed gender reveals feature fabulous ice cream cakes with pink and blue dripping down the sides. There are a plethora of party favors available to fit with this theme such as balloons, plates, and banners. This delicious-looking cake from Events by CCM might provide you with some ideas!

whats the scoop gender reveal he or she cake
large whats the scoop gender reveal backdrop
Events by CCM

Cowboy or Cowgirl

Who doesn’t love an adorable cowboy or cowgirl-themed party!? If you live on a farm or ranch, this is the perfect theme to find out what gender your little one will be. Many items that you already have at the farm can be easily incorporated into the party decor.

These Cowboy and Cowgirl cutouts from Creations By Jvill would make an adorable addition to your dessert table! You can top it on a cake or stick it in a flower arrangement!

Cowboy or Cowgirl cutout toppers
Cowboy or Cowgirl Gender Reveal Invitation
Cowboy or Cowboy Banner Gender Reveal Decorations

Little Peanut Gender Reveal

“A Little Peanut is on the way!” is a very popular and adorable baby shower theme, thankfully, this theme is very easy to transform it into a gender reveal party by incorporating lots of pinks and blues!

pink or blue elephant gender reveal party idea
Elephant Baby Gender Reveal Party Invitation
pink or blue Elephant Centerpiece
little peanut gender reveal centerpieces

Bows or Bow Ties

If your looking for a classy gender reveal theme, look no further than a Bow or Bow Ties gender reveal party. This theme has so many decor options to choose from and many of the decorations can be created on a budget. This backdrop from Amazon will make sure that your classy party theme is picture perfect!

Little Man or Little Miss Invitations Gender Reveal
Bows or Bowties glitter toppers
glitter bows or Bowties cake toppers

Senor or Senorita

A senor or senorita-themed gender reveal is the perfect theme for anyone who loves a fiesta! This theme has tons of decorations available at most retailers.

Pinatas are sure to be a hit at this theme. Many couples choose to reveal the gender by using a pinata! These adorable cutouts and banners from Creations By Jvill would make the perfect addition to your fiesta!

Senor or Senorita gender reveal cutouts
Senor or Senorita Gender Reveal Printable Chip Bag
Senor or Senorita gender reveal pinata
Fiesta Gender Reveal Invitation

Touchdowns or Tutus

If your family is big into sports, a Touchdown or Tutus-themed gender reveal might be just what you are looking for! This party can be filled with decor that you might already have around the house. Ballerina slippers, footballs, and of course, tutus can all be incorporated into the party decor. This banner from aftcra can easily transform any wall into your home to be a part of the party.

Tutus or Touchdowns Gender Reveal decoration
Tutus or Touchdowns Gender Reveal centerpiece
Touchdowns and Tutu gender reveal centerpieces
touchdown or tutu

Trucks or Tiaras

Trucks or tiaras is a popular gender reveal theme that is perfect to announce a baby’s gender. There is a lot of option for customization with this theme. Some people opted for more vintage decor featuring classic trucks while others opted for modernized decor with large monster trucks. This glittery cake topper from Presents From The Heart will make the perfect addition to your party decor. The topper can even be customized!

Trucks or Tiaras gender reveal cake toppers
vintage Trucks or Tiaras Gender Reveal Invitation
Trucks or Tiaras gender reveal cupcake toppers
Trucks or Tiaras gender Reveal Banner
Trucks or Tiaras Gender Reveal Invitation

Baseballs or Bows

This gender reveal theme has so many fun and unique decor opportunities. Many of the decor options can be made at home to save you money. This sweet backdrop would look stunning at the party!

These pink or blue powder filled baseballs would make an exciting way to reveal the gender of the baby! Powder is made out of cornstarch and color dye and easily washes away with water which is great. So, when the time comes, the Dad-to-be can take a big swing at the ball for an ultimate reveal! It would surely be an amazing experience for everyone in attendance!

Baseball poweder Gender Reveal
Baseball or Bow Gender Reveal sign
via Pinterest

Boss Baby Lashes or Staches

These Boss baby lashes or stashes centerpiece by Paper Kutz N cards will definitely help make your table pop and have your guests complimenting them! You’ll surely be grateful you’ve gotten these cuties!

Boss Baby Lashes or Staches gender reveal centerpieces

Lashes or Staches

Another set of fabulous centerpieces by Paper Kutz N Cards! These babies are absolutely the cutest. I think they should be a staple at every gender reveal or baby shower! Check out some of the photos below of how adoring they can be!

Lashes or Staches gender reveal decorations
Lashes or Staches gender reveal decorations
Lashes or Staches gender reveal dessert table and backdrop

Bow or Arrows

This bows or arrows gender reveal theme is perfect is you are looking for some bohemian to the party! This theme allows for a lot of customization with the decor. It’s the perfect theme to add a little bit of a tribal vibe. This adorable invitation from Nolan Belle Paperie incorporated boho style into the theme perfectly.

Bow or Arrows gender reveal invitation
cute Bow or Arrows gender reveal invitation
glitter bows or arrows gender reveal cake toppers

Bun in the Oven or Burgers on the Grill

Who doesn’t love a backyard barbecue? If you’re planning to throw a gender reveal party in late spring or summer, this theme might be the perfect theme for you! You can even follow this theme up with a fun “BabyQ” themed shower. This sign from NoLandLikeGarland is perfect to display on your fence or hang between trees.

Bun In The Oven or Burgers On The Grill Gender Reveal Banner
Bun in the Oven burgers on grill Gender Reveal Invitation
Bun in the Oven Gender Reveal Invitation
Backyard BBQ Shower Decor

Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse

Although the photo below was a baby shower for twins, the setup is perfect for gender reveal with baby Mickey and Minnie images for the backdrop and a beautifully crafted pink and blue balloon arch!

Lures or Lace

If the parents-to-be loves fishing, this is the perfect theme for your gender reveal! You can easily incorporate the classic pink and blue colors with this theme. This invitation from MelissaKayDesigns1 is sure to get guests excited for the party!

Lures or Lace Gender Reveal Invitation
Lures or Lace gender reveal main table
Lures or Lace Fishing Gender Reveal Cake Topper

Planes or Pearls

This is another classy theme for a gender reveal. If you’re looking for something a little bit different, this theme is rather unique. While it is a unique theme, there are still plenty of decor options available that you can find at most major retailers such as plane cutouts or faux pearl strands. This sign by a tasteofeverything is the perfect way to welcome guests into the party.

Planes or Pearls gender reveal welcome sign
Planes or Pearls Gender Reveal Invitation

Cupcake or Stud Muffin

If the mommy-to-be loves to bake, this theme is for her! The cupcake or stud muffin gender reveal is an adorable theme that has a lot of room for creativity. While it might seem like cupcakes and muffins are a must for this party many people opt to decorate cookies to resemble cupcakes and muffins. This beautiful dessert table setup by Kayla’s Decor may inspire you with some decoration ideas!

What Will it Bee

What Will It Bee?” is one very popular gender reveal theme that is both adorable and flexible. You might choose to decorate with a fun playful vibe or use elegant decor for a more adult-like feel. Many of the decorations for this party can be made at home to save some money. If you’re on a time crunch this decoration kit from Amazon has everything you need to plan the perfect party!

Beau or Bow

Beau or Bow a classy party theme that makes for the perfect way to share the exciting news of your baby’s gender with family and friends. You can easily incorporate the classic pink and blue colors into this theme. Many of the decorations can also be made at home. This simple and adorable invitation from DaxyLuu is the perfect way to get your guests excited for the party!

Bow or Beau Gender Reveal Invite

Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars How I Wonder What You Are

How I Wonder What You Are” is a very sweet theme for a gender reveal that is growing in popularity. There are a plethora of decor options available at most major retailers. This theme provides the opportunity to show off your creative side. The stars are the limit for the decor options for this theme! This sweet backdrop from Amazon is the perfect way to capture memorable photos of the moment.

Pink or Blue

Pink or Blue theme is classic that will never go out of style! The theme offers a lot of room for creativity and can easily be done on any budget. You can find pink and blue streamers, plates, and balloons at almost every major retailer. This unique gender reveal box makes for a fun way to reveal the gender of your little one!

Gender Reveal Pull Strings Pinata

Jordon Pink or Blue

If the Parents-to-be loves basketball, this would be a super ideal theme for the gender reveal! Jordon Pink or Blue or you can change up the colors to Green or Orange, but this theme would be a fun one to decorate!

basketball gender reveal jordon pink or blue
popular gender reveal themes

Yellow and Blue Mickey Mouse Baby Shower Party

Mickey Mouse Block Centerpieces
Yellow and Blue Mickey Mouse Baby Shower Party

This adorable yellow and blue Mickey Mouse themed baby shower was planned by Jessica Walker Albert.

The backdrop for this party was stunning! Plain walls were instantly transformed to be a part of the party decor. A longer wall at the front of the room was covered in light blue, yellow, and sheer white curtains. Sparkling gold curtains framed everything perfectly.

baby mickey mouse tablewares

The tops of the curtains were decorated with yellow, blue, and white balloons. Some of the balloons even featured adorable white polka-dots. A large formation of white balloons formed a cloud above the table of honor.

Baby Mickey Mouse Baby shower Table Centerpiece

This party was all about honoring the mom-to-be. A table of honor was covered in a decorative white table cloth and sparkly blue tablecloth decorated with yellow roses. The chair for the mom-to-be was even decorated in blue fabric and featured a decorative gold strip.

blue and yellow balloon arch setup

A dessert area was ready to display tasty treats. The area for desserts was on a table decorated in gold sequins with a light blue table runner. Extra-large white blocks at the back of the dessert table spelled the word “baby.” Three white cake stands were displayed at the front of the table.

Cute Mickey Mouse Baby shower

The guest tables for this party were adorable! Each table was decorated with a white or yellow textured tablecloth. Sparkling or sheer blue table runners added an extra pop of color to the table decor.

Each table featured an adorable centerpiece of Mickey Mouse sitting on top of two large baby blocks. Even the plates fit perfectly with the theme. Mickey Mouse-themed plates were set on top of intricate gold charger plates. Both the napkins and chairs were covered in gold sequins.

Extra wall space was creatively used to create an adorable Mickey Mouse themed photo backdrop. The backdrop was near the table of honor, which made it the perfect spot for opening gifts.

Mickey Mouse Block Centerpieces
Blue and yellow Mickey Mouse Baby shower
blue baby mickey mouse backdrop
baby mickey mouse guest tables
Mickey Mouse Baby shower table setup
Mickey Mouse party Balloons
Sleeping baby mickey mouse cutout prop
Sleeping baby mickey mouse prop

Pink and Silver Minnie Mouse Baby Shower

Pink Minnie Mouse Baby Shower
Pink and Silver Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Tablescape

This gorgeous pink and silver Minnie Mouse themed baby shower was decorated by Sugar Sweet Events N Prints. The party was filled with pink and silver decor in true Minnie Mouse fashion.

The dessert area for this party was incredible! A pink platter with an “Oh baby” sign reserved a special spot for the cake. Two stunning pink floral bouquets were beautifully displayed on either side of the large cake platter. They were wrapped in black and white polka dots and looked absolutely gorgeous.

Personalized Chocolate Wrapper

Cookies, caramel apples, and Rice Krispie treats were all individually bagged for guests to enjoy on the go. Cookies were creatively displayed on a mini acrylic picture stands.

Minnie Mouse Chip Bags

Each caramel apple featured an adorable Minnie Mouse bow. There were even chocolate bars with custom-themed wrappers. Guests looking for something salty to go along with their sweets could grab a bag of potato chips that were designed to fit with the party theme.

The background of the dessert table was equally incredible. A large Minnie Mouse banner was designed with the name of the baby being celebrated. The banner was framed with sheer pink and white curtains. Sparkling silver curtains on the outside edge completed the perfect background. A cascade of pink, white, and black balloons matched perfectly with the party decor.

Pink and Silver Minnie Mouse Throne Chairs

A sitting area near the dessert table made the perfect area for photo opportunities. The background was covered with gorgeous sparkling silver curtains. Sheer pink and white curtains were elegantly draped across the silver curtains. Two large white throne chairs were decorated with sparkly pillows. The floor was even covered with a soft gray rug.

The guest tables were also decorated to fit with the theme. Every table was covered in a sparkling silver tablecloth and table runner. The centerpieces included gorgeous pink floral arrangments with a Minnie Mouse cutout in the center. The chairs were covered in white and included pretty pink accents.


Decorations: Sugar Sweet Events N Prints
Treats: Tina Robinson

Pink Minnie Mouse Baby Shower
Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Dessert Table
Pink Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Welcome Sign

Simple and Amazing Baby Shower Table Buffet Ideas

Baby Shower Table Buffet Ideas

When throwing a baby shower, we often have quite a lot of things to factor in to the equation. Much like throwing any other social gathering, you no doubt want to focus on the guests to ensure they have the best time they possibly can.

Baby Shower Table Buffet Ideas

Well, this means focusing on the things like the entertainment on offer and the food provided. That’s why you might wish to look at some of our baby shower table buffet ideas.

If you need some inspiration on picking stylish snacks and fantastic finger foods, try and focus on the following tips and ideas.

Choose a Theme

Before you do anything else, come up with a theme. For example, if you know the baby is going to be a boy, you might wish to go down the vintage ‘baby blue’ color scheme. The same goes if you know it is a girl. Then, you just need to find foods especially with the sweets that match-in with that color scheme, or add some paper toppers (picks) that will convey the theme.

baby blue baby shower dessert table setup ideas

Of course, you could even adjust the color of other foods by using some safe food dyes. Either way, a theme helps to dictate the entire experience!

Balance Savory and Sweet

Regardless of the theme, you should always look to try and find a balance between savory and sweet products. This is very important. For every little plate of little sausage rolls and cheese bites, have a little bowl of popcorns, chewy treats, and the like.

Farmhouse Baby shower food table
Trish of Frilly Milly Events

Whether you want to have savory and sweet foods separated is another thing to consider. It is very popular these days to devote a table full of sweets only and another table for just the savory foods.

How to Set Up a Candy Buffet Table

Try and focus on having as many mini foods as you can, too; this helps to make the buffet look even busier than normal.

Focus on the time of day

Another timing factor is the time of day you hold your baby shower. Therefore, your baby shower table buffet ideas should probably focus on that. If this is a morning or brunch buffet, then you want to get something that can enjoy a bit more simplistic food.

french country baby shower buffet table ideas
Something Vintage Rentals

Every culture has its own approach to breakfast, but a fine mixture of things like yogurts, waffles, fruits, muffins and cupcakes, and – if you tend to go down this route – things like pancakes or even eggs can help to add a bit of extra depth to the food that is on offer.

Focusing on the time of the day is very important as it can play a pretty big role in making sure the experience is truly satisfying. It also helps you to avoid putting out foods that might not be eaten due to the time people have arrived at the shower.

Listen to your Guests

Before you commit to any foods, you should speak to the close circle of guests attending your shower. The reason why is that baby shower table buffet ideas should be based around what people need to avoid. For example, does anyone have a major nut allergy? If so, you might wish to avoid using nuts in any of the foods which are present on the buffet. You would also keep in mind about foods that mom-to-be should be avoiding during pregnancy.

food to avoid during pregnancy

A bit of planning around the potential risks to your guests can make sense. It can also be quite useful for making sure that nobody falls ill or has an adverse reaction to any of the food(s) which are being put out on the table.

So, focus on the baby shower table buffet ideas that can avoid foods with high allergy risks and what mom-to-be should avoid. Checking with guests for the presence of major allergies can also help to avoid any nasty surprises, too.

Back Up your Buffet with Liquids

From pots of tea to cans of soda, you should look to have as much liquid as you can. Naturally, filling out a table with bottles of water, kettles, teapots etc. can be very useful for making sure everyone who comes along can be well hydrated.

baby shower drinks station
By Emily B 

You don’t want to take any needless risks when it comes to having a ‘dry buffet’. Of course, for some baby showers, you might also wish to have a few ‘adult’ refreshments, so look out for some nice bottles of wine etc. you could put out there.

If nothing else, make sure you put out as much tea, coffee, and water as you can so that everyone who comes along can find a drink that suits their tastes. With all of that finger food and buffet eating, you want to avoid anything feeling like they are dried out!

Ensure it is self-serving

At a baby shower, one of the most forgotten baby shower table buffet ideas comes from ensuring it can be self-served. Ensure there are ample utensils and cutlery so that nobody is waiting around. And remember, the hosting team are part of the party, too; don’t have your buffet set up so that someone has to spend all evening standing serving.

You should try and build all of your baby shower table buffet ideas around having a lot of self-service so that people can come and go as they please. This might sound obvious, but it can have a pretty major impact on the quality of your buffet experience as a whole. Have a sign even setup to let guests know they can help themselves.

So, be sure to look at ensuring that the buffy can be self-serving as much as possible. It helps to keep things flowing and it ensures that nobody feels like a staff member as opposed to a guest.

Have some fun!

Lastly, remember that this is all about having some fun and enjoying the company of people wishing you well for the future. When taking on any baby shower table buffet ideas, always factor in the theme, the guests, and the time of the day; it is the easiest way to ensure a happy, positive experience for all who come along.

Baby Shower Table Set Up Ideas

simple baby shower food buffet table setup
Football Baby Shower Food Buffet Table Setup
Football Baby Shower Table Setup by Shannon of Parties and Potty Training
Princess themed candy buffet setup
by Katherine of Creating Awesomenessity
Belinda of  Lil’ Miss Macaron 
boho baby shower dessert table setup
styled by Perfectly Sweet
Bright Bee Loved Baby Shower table setup
Sweet Jelly Parties
woodland baby shower dessert table
by Dulce Bell Catering
Swan Lake Baby Shower Dessert Table
Carousel Baby Shower Dessert Table
Martinez Decorations RD
fox baby shower setup
Silvia of Chapeau Eventi
Love is sweet baby shower dessert table
Event Styling: Mint Event Design
Pink and Gold Elegant Baby shower Dessert table
Tara of Haute Sugar
Simply Sweet Garden Baby Shower Dessert Table
Ciby Parties
Savory Baby Shower Food buffet Table
Emily Henderson
baby sprinkle dessert setup
Seanny of Invitation Parlour

How to Host a Baby Shower During Covid-19

The Covid-19 has altered the state of the world and changed the way our day-to-day lives work. From new social distancing norms to mandated stay-at-home orders urging isolation for months, this is a situation that feels very much like time has stopped. But the fact is, life is still going on, and people are still experiencing important milestones in their lives, such as new babies on the way, weddings, anniversaries, etc.

decorating for drive by baby shower fun
Instagram @robinirene23

We don’t know how long the world itself will be at a standstill like this, and celebrating these big milestones in our lives that continue on no matter what, is significant. There are ways to do this while still being safe and healthy during this pandemic, so if you’ve got a little miracle on the way, never fear! Below, check out the amazing ways you can still host a baby shower during COVID-19. 

Baby Shower during COVID-19 Options

Virtual Baby Shower

We are so lucky to be in a time of video messaging in the forms of apps like Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime. There are one of two ways that you might choose to celebrate, but regardless of which you go with, send out invitations! We have plenty of free instant download digital invitations in variety of designs. Just because everyone can be together doesn’t mean you can’t make this celebration feel like a true one. Adorable invitations are a way to get into the spirit of celebrating the upcoming bundle of joy.

baby shower during coronavirus


If you’re looking for something a little more low key and quiet, you can settle in your baby’s nursery with the gifts your loved ones have sent to you by post. Then, have all the guests hop on a conference video call through a shared app so that everyone can experience watching you open your gifts, and they can see the nursery you’ve created! If you don’t have access to Zoom, you can even live stream on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat. This is convenient and easy for everyone, no matter what devices they’re on.

Zoom Zoom:

But, if you want to go all out like you would if you could be together with your party guests, you can do that, too! For this, you’ll need a video conferencing app (such as Zoom, as mentioned) so that you and all of your loved ones can share the screen together. For this type of baby shower celebration, give info to your guests in the invitation beforehand to be prepared to play whatever games you’ve decided on. You might even choose to send baby shower packets to your guests, which can include game materials and baby shower favors. You can even include ingredients to simple recipes so that every guest can enjoy the same baby shower treats that they themselves easily whip up! Things like minimal ingredient cookies and muffins are ideal for this.

Virtual Baby Shower Games

Some easy and fun games to play remotely with each other are Baby Bingo, Guess That Celebrity Baby, Who knows mommy best, and Would She Rather. I love printable activities because it is super easy to send guests digital versions of these. Guests can print it out at home or if they don’t have a printer, they’ll just need a paper and a pen to write down the answers ready to share with the rest of the guests. To make it more interactive, you can personalize the Guess That Celebrity Baby Game to include photos of the guest! You’ll need to get the guests to send their baby photo to you, yes, it may sound like a lot of work, but trust me it will be worth the effort!

There are other virtual baby shower games you can purchase online. One great shop is ThinkGames, where you can find all sorts of virtual games using powerpoint. Some games are Battle Trivia, and Jeopardy game. The battle trivia has up to 10 rounds, but you can skip or delete rounds you don’t want to use as they are very customizable!

Drive-by Baby Shower!

Like the Virtual baby showers, Drive-by Baby Showers are the new take on traditional showers. It is one of the most popular hosted baby shower during COVID-19. They are also known as a Baby Shower Parade, Curb-side Baby Shower or Drive Thru Baby Shower. This innovative idea involves asking your would-be guests to create signs and decorate their cars before cruising by your place to drop off gifts, pick-up food, and wish you well. It goes without saying that this keeps both you and your loved ones safe while still allowing you to celebrate for the special day.

Drive-by Baby Shower is an option that would work well if your close friends and families live in the same city. They would also need a car of their own as carpooling with friends that we are so used to would not be possible with social distancing in place.

A drive-by baby shower won’t replace the traditional baby showers, but it is certainly fun and definitely won’t be an event to forget!

What is Drive-by Baby Shower?

Drive-by Baby Shower is where the guests drive by the Parents-to-be’s home and celebrate them with honking, cheers and gifts. Preferably, you’d want to organize the time well so that there’ll be a line of cars outside, but if you are inviting over 30 guests, you’d want to make sure you set the time frame appropriately so that the road would not be totally blocked, as the last thing you’d want is complaints from the neighbors.

Hosting a drive-by baby shower might seem a little daunting, definitely a new challenge for you as no one has planned for one before nor been invited to it. Don’t worry, it is not as hard as you might think, a lot of the hassles are actually taken away when you compare it to the traditional or virtual baby showers.

Instagram @thando7608

Drive-by Baby Shower Invitation

For invitations, you could send a group chat or prepare a digital invitation to email or you can still send out paper invites! The main details would include the date and a 30 minutes time frame for when the guests are to drive by. If you are inviting more than 30 guests, you may want to extend the time frame to an hour. Rsvp won’t be necessary but if gifts are planned, be sure to add the registry details. You may want to take this opportunity to mention if the gifts are to be mailed or dropped off from a safe distance. 

Wording for Drive-by Baby Shower Invitation

👉  “It’a a Drive by Baby Shower to honor xxxxxx
Since we can’t be together to celebrate today, let’ shower the family in a different way. Drive by to show your love and support. follow the signs to enjoy curbside treats, favors and a card/gift drop.”

👉  “Beep, honk, shout & wave! It’s a drive by baby shower honoring parents-to-be xxxxx. Since we can’t be together today, let’s shower the family in a different way. Beep, honk, shout, and wave. It’s a drive by baby shower parade!”

Decorating for Drive-by Baby Shower

You can still decorate for the event, but it does not need to be elaborate. You can keep the decorations minimal with balloons or a large poster backdrop, a gift table by the curb, and comfortable chairs for the parents-to-be with their favorite music playing in the background. This would set the mood perfectly. Having a game just as the guests drop off their gift might also be fun. A suitable game would be a guessing game such as “guess how many jelly beans are in the jar.” A winner could have a movie voucher mailed to them.

Favors for Drive-by Baby Shower

Although baby shower favors aren’t essential, if parents-to-be are expecting to receive gifts, I think it would be nice to prepare favors for guests to pick up as they drive past.

6 Foot Block Shower!

If your loved ones live nearby and if the current restriction allows, why not gather in person with the necessary precautions to celebrate? By keeping things outside, and guests standing at least six feet from one another, you can all still be together and party for the baby on the way!

You can prepare goody bags with treats, games, and favors prior to the event and leave those in a spot in your driveway or yard for guests to pick up separately. You can do this same method with guests individually dropping off gifts in a certain area. Just remember—this idea for a baby shower is probably only possible if you have plenty of outside space, as the logistics for at least six feet of space would not work indoors.

Simple Drop-Off.

Here is another option for a baby shower during COVID-19. This is ultra-simple for everyone and completely stress-free. You can hold a simple drop-off and greet. Guests can drop off their gifts at your doorstep and say hello, and you can send them home with premade bags of baby-themed treats and fun favors. Hassle-free, no contact, and your loved ones still get to show up to celebrate you and your new baby.

Photo Inspirations & Pinterest Board:

Here are some photos of baby showers during COVID-19. It didn’t stop the planners and host from throwing a memorable baby shower party!

Follow Virtual Drive By Party Inspirations on Pinterest.

Pink and Gold Drive-By Tea Baby Shower

Drive-By Pink themed Tea Baby Shower setup
Pink and Gold Drive-By Tea Baby Shower

This beautiful pink and gold drive-by baby shower was planned by Great Creations Inc. . While many celebrations have been canceled due to covid-19, this party featured a variety of creative ways to create a stunning drive-by baby shower. Shades of pink and gold against the bright blue sky were used to create this astonishing look. 

drive by pink and gold baby shower tea party

Dessert Table

The dessert table was absolutely gorgeous. Prepackaged cupcakes were adorned with pink ribbons, ready to go whenever. Some of the cupcakes even featured gorgeous edible roses as toppers.

Tasty stick pretzels dipped in light lavender chocolate were also individually wrapped and adorned with bows. A gold double-tier stand was used to hold adorable mini champagnes. Each of them came with a custom tag and matching straw pin straws. The set up was impressive and it definitely stood out! I must say, it is one of my favorite features of this pink and gold drive-by tea baby shower.

Drive-By Tea Baby Shower in Pink favors

Personalized Champagne Bottles

The guests not only had the personalized champagne, a sweet cupcake, and pretzel sticks to take home, there was also a table located behind the dessert area featuring goodie bags for guests to grab and go. The bags were metallic pink and featured matching thank you tags.

take home homemade favors

Balloon Arch

As a result of a very sunny day, a pop-up tent was set up to keep Cupcakes and champagnes cool. There was also an arch of balloons in an array of pink, white, and gold which looked fantastic. And the decorative leaves between the balloons matched perfectly with the rest of the baby shower decor.

ceramic decorative displays

Floral Centerpiece

There were gorgeous floral arrangements at a table for the guests of honor. It was the centerpiece of the table. There were pink and gold vases and the colors of the flowers ranged from ivory, white and different shades of pink. Each guest received a floral tea plate and a matching teacup. One of the floral arrangements was even placed in a pink teapot to fit with this pink and gold drive-by tea baby shower. Even the silverware and napkins matched the party decor.

cup of tea baby shower
Drive-By Pink themed Tea Baby Shower setup
tea party flowers
outdoor pink themed balloon arch
pretty pink flower topped cupcake favors
tea party baby shower guest sitting area
thank you wines
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