Baby Shower Table Centrepieces

Most important part I believe to a perfect baby shower parties are the baby shower table centrepieces. Matching plates, cups and napkins provide quick decorations for the table by stacking them attractively on a table, however the focus point of the table is the centrepiece and I think a lot of attention is needed in … Read more

How to Host a Baby Shower During Covid-19

The Covid-19 has altered the state of the world and changed the way our day-to-day lives work. From new social distancing norms to mandated stay-at-home orders urging isolation for months, this is a situation that feels very much like time has stopped. But the fact is, life is still going on, and people are still experiencing important milestones in their lives, such as new babies on the way, weddings, anniversaries, etc.

decorating for drive by baby shower fun
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We don’t know how long the world itself will be at a standstill like this, and celebrating these big milestones in our lives that continue on no matter what, is significant. There are ways to do this while still being safe and healthy during this pandemic, so if you’ve got a little miracle on the way, never fear! Below, check out the amazing ways you can still host a baby shower during COVID-19. 

Baby Shower during COVID-19 Options

Virtual Baby Shower

We are so lucky to be in a time of video messaging in the forms of apps like Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime. There are one of two ways that you might choose to celebrate, but regardless of which you go with, send out invitations! We have plenty of free instant download digital invitations in variety of designs. Just because everyone can be together doesn’t mean you can’t make this celebration feel like a true one. Adorable invitations are a way to get into the spirit of celebrating the upcoming bundle of joy.

baby shower during coronavirus


If you’re looking for something a little more low key and quiet, you can settle in your baby’s nursery with the gifts your loved ones have sent to you by post. Then, have all the guests hop on a conference video call through a shared app so that everyone can experience watching you open your gifts, and they can see the nursery you’ve created! If you don’t have access to Zoom, you can even live stream on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat. This is convenient and easy for everyone, no matter what devices they’re on.

Zoom Zoom:

But, if you want to go all out like you would if you could be together with your party guests, you can do that, too! For this, you’ll need a video conferencing app (such as Zoom, as mentioned) so that you and all of your loved ones can share the screen together. For this type of baby shower celebration, give info to your guests in the invitation beforehand to be prepared to play whatever games you’ve decided on. You might even choose to send baby shower packets to your guests, which can include game materials and baby shower favors. You can even include ingredients to simple recipes so that every guest can enjoy the same baby shower treats that they themselves easily whip up! Things like minimal ingredient cookies and muffins are ideal for this.

Virtual Baby Shower Games

Some easy and fun games to play remotely with each other are Baby Bingo, Guess That Celebrity Baby, Who knows mommy best, and Would She Rather. I love printable activities because it is super easy to send guests digital versions of these. Guests can print it out at home or if they don’t have a printer, they’ll just need a paper and a pen to write down the answers ready to share with the rest of the guests. To make it more interactive, you can personalize the Guess That Celebrity Baby Game to include photos of the guest! You’ll need to get the guests to send their baby photo to you, yes, it may sound like a lot of work, but trust me it will be worth the effort!

There are other virtual baby shower games you can purchase online. One great shop is ThinkGames, where you can find all sorts of virtual games using powerpoint. Some games are Battle Trivia, and Jeopardy game. The battle trivia has up to 10 rounds, but you can skip or delete rounds you don’t want to use as they are very customizable!

Drive-by Baby Shower!

Like the Virtual baby showers, Drive-by Baby Showers are the new take on traditional showers. It is one of the most popular hosted baby shower during COVID-19. They are also known as a Baby Shower Parade, Curb-side Baby Shower or Drive Thru Baby Shower. This innovative idea involves asking your would-be guests to create signs and decorate their cars before cruising by your place to drop off gifts, pick-up food, and wish you well. It goes without saying that this keeps both you and your loved ones safe while still allowing you to celebrate for the special day.

Drive-by Baby Shower is an option that would work well if your close friends and families live in the same city. They would also need a car of their own as carpooling with friends that we are so used to would not be possible with social distancing in place.

A drive-by baby shower won’t replace the traditional baby showers, but it is certainly fun and definitely won’t be an event to forget!

What is Drive-by Baby Shower?

Drive-by Baby Shower is where the guests drive by the Parents-to-be’s home and celebrate them with honking, cheers and gifts. Preferably, you’d want to organize the time well so that there’ll be a line of cars outside, but if you are inviting over 30 guests, you’d want to make sure you set the time frame appropriately so that the road would not be totally blocked, as the last thing you’d want is complaints from the neighbors.

Hosting a drive-by baby shower might seem a little daunting, definitely a new challenge for you as no one has planned for one before nor been invited to it. Don’t worry, it is not as hard as you might think, a lot of the hassles are actually taken away when you compare it to the traditional or virtual baby showers.

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Drive-by Baby Shower Invitation

For invitations, you could send a group chat or prepare a digital invitation to email or you can still send out paper invites! The main details would include the date and a 30 minutes time frame for when the guests are to drive by. If you are inviting more than 30 guests, you may want to extend the time frame to an hour. Rsvp won’t be necessary but if gifts are planned, be sure to add the registry details. You may want to take this opportunity to mention if the gifts are to be mailed or dropped off from a safe distance. 

Wording for Drive-by Baby Shower Invitation

👉  “It’a a Drive by Baby Shower to honor xxxxxx
Since we can’t be together to celebrate today, let’ shower the family in a different way. Drive by to show your love and support. follow the signs to enjoy curbside treats, favors and a card/gift drop.”

👉  “Beep, honk, shout & wave! It’s a drive by baby shower honoring parents-to-be xxxxx. Since we can’t be together today, let’s shower the family in a different way. Beep, honk, shout, and wave. It’s a drive by baby shower parade!”

Decorating for Drive-by Baby Shower

You can still decorate for the event, but it does not need to be elaborate. You can keep the decorations minimal with balloons or a large poster backdrop, a gift table by the curb, and comfortable chairs for the parents-to-be with their favorite music playing in the background. This would set the mood perfectly. Having a game just as the guests drop off their gift might also be fun. A suitable game would be a guessing game such as “guess how many jelly beans are in the jar.” A winner could have a movie voucher mailed to them.

Favors for Drive-by Baby Shower

Although baby shower favors aren’t essential, if parents-to-be are expecting to receive gifts, I think it would be nice to prepare favors for guests to pick up as they drive past.

6 Foot Block Shower!

If your loved ones live nearby and if the current restriction allows, why not gather in person with the necessary precautions to celebrate? By keeping things outside, and guests standing at least six feet from one another, you can all still be together and party for the baby on the way!

You can prepare goody bags with treats, games, and favors prior to the event and leave those in a spot in your driveway or yard for guests to pick up separately. You can do this same method with guests individually dropping off gifts in a certain area. Just remember—this idea for a baby shower is probably only possible if you have plenty of outside space, as the logistics for at least six feet of space would not work indoors.

Simple Drop-Off.

Here is another option for a baby shower during COVID-19. This is ultra-simple for everyone and completely stress-free. You can hold a simple drop-off and greet. Guests can drop off their gifts at your doorstep and say hello, and you can send them home with premade bags of baby-themed treats and fun favors. Hassle-free, no contact, and your loved ones still get to show up to celebrate you and your new baby.

Photo Inspirations & Pinterest Board:

Here are some photos of baby showers during COVID-19. It didn’t stop the planners and host from throwing a memorable baby shower party!

Follow Virtual Drive By Party Inspirations on Pinterest.

Pink and Gold Drive-By Tea Baby Shower

Drive-By Pink themed Tea Baby Shower setup
Pink and Gold Drive-By Tea Baby Shower

This beautiful pink and gold drive-by baby shower was planned by Great Creations Inc. . While many celebrations have been canceled due to covid-19, this party featured a variety of creative ways to create a stunning drive-by baby shower. Shades of pink and gold against the bright blue sky were used to create this astonishing look. 

drive by pink and gold baby shower tea party

Dessert Table

The dessert table was absolutely gorgeous. Prepackaged cupcakes were adorned with pink ribbons, ready to go whenever. Some of the cupcakes even featured gorgeous edible roses as toppers.

Tasty stick pretzels dipped in light lavender chocolate were also individually wrapped and adorned with bows. A gold double-tier stand was used to hold adorable mini champagnes. Each of them came with a custom tag and matching straw pin straws. The set up was impressive and it definitely stood out! I must say, it is one of my favorite features of this pink and gold drive-by tea baby shower.

Drive-By Tea Baby Shower in Pink favors

Personalized Champagne Bottles

The guests not only had the personalized champagne, a sweet cupcake, and pretzel sticks to take home, there was also a table located behind the dessert area featuring goodie bags for guests to grab and go. The bags were metallic pink and featured matching thank you tags.

take home homemade favors

Balloon Arch

As a result of a very sunny day, a pop-up tent was set up to keep Cupcakes and champagnes cool. There was also an arch of balloons in an array of pink, white, and gold which looked fantastic. And the decorative leaves between the balloons matched perfectly with the rest of the baby shower decor.

ceramic decorative displays

Floral Centerpiece

There were gorgeous floral arrangements at a table for the guests of honor. It was the centerpiece of the table. There were pink and gold vases and the colors of the flowers ranged from ivory, white and different shades of pink. Each guest received a floral tea plate and a matching teacup. One of the floral arrangements was even placed in a pink teapot to fit with this pink and gold drive-by tea baby shower. Even the silverware and napkins matched the party decor.

cup of tea baby shower
Drive-By Pink themed Tea Baby Shower setup
tea party flowers
outdoor pink themed balloon arch
pretty pink flower topped cupcake favors
tea party baby shower guest sitting area
thank you wines

Popular Baby Shower Backdrop Ideas

Popular and Easy Baby Shower Backdrops
Popular and Easy Baby Shower Backdrop Ideas

Adding a backdrop to your event decor can make a huge statement for your celebration. Background can be used to frame a particular area or can be used to strategically hide a wall that doesn’t quite fit with your baby shower decor. It can be difficult to find the perfect background for your space and theme. Below are some popular baby shower backdrop choices for your next baby shower.

The Curtain Backdrop

Sheer Curtain Backdrop – Featured on the blog by Its A Cake Thing

Curtains can be used for more than just covering windows. This backdrop idea is simple and easy to create. If you want to add some twinkling lights or any other decorative feature in the background, opt for a sheer curtain and this will ensure your decorative feature will still stand out.

If your party is going to be in a well-lit area, you might opt for a thicker curtain in colors that match the baby shower theme. You might choose curtains in classic baby shower colors such as pink, blue, or yellow. If you’re going with a themed shower, consider using a solid colored curtain that fits with the theme. A classic sheet white curtain is sure to fit with any theme. If you want to add a pop of color, you can place balloons around the edge or floral arrangements.

The Curtain Backdrop for baby shower
Curtain Backdrop – Featured on the blog by Distinctive Decor Rentals

A curtain backdrop is a popular choice because curtains are so easy to find. You can find the perfect curtain for your party just about anywhere at a relatively inexpensive price. A curtain backdrop also works well for covering up less than desirable areas on your well.

The Greenery Backdrop

The greenery background is perfect for bringing a lavish feel to the party room or to green up for a Jungle or Safari baby shower theme. You can purchase a greenery poster backdrop but for more realistic-looking greenery, you can try boxwood panels or tiles from Amazon and zip tie them together. They are quite easy to assemble and they look much better up close compared to a poster or a grass rug. 

Balloon Arch via Amazon by ZiZa

Metal Geometric Backdrop

Oh Baby Baby Shower metal backdrop idea
Oh Baby Metal Backdrop by IndySignSisters via Etsy

Metal backdrops have been a popular trend at weddings for years, but recently these backdrops are making their way into baby showers. Metal backdrops come in a variety of shapes. The most popular shapes are circles and hexagons. Cover the metal with balloons, flowers, or other decor related to the theme. You can also string tealights or decor from the center of the backdrop. You might even consider using a combination of a curtain and a metal backdrop.

Metal Arch Baby Shower Backdrop
Arch Metal Hoop Backdrop by PartybackdropC via Etsy
balloon arch metal backdrop
Balloon Arch Metal Hoop by PamPartyCreations via Etsy

Metal backdrops work great for framing a cake or dessert area. If you place your cake in the center of the metal backdrop, consider using matching colors to top your cake. Metal backdrops are fairly inexpensive and can be found on many different online retailers. The backdrops come in a variety of sizes, so you can find the perfect size to fit your space.

Banner Backdrop

If your baby shower has a specific theme, you might consider purchasing a pre-made banner backdrop. Backdrops come in a variety of colors, themes, and styles. Most banners can even be customized to includes the name of the baby being celebrated. You might consider framing this background with balloons or sheer solid colored curtains.

Banner Backdrop for baby shower
Banner Backdrop – Featured on the Blog by Lacedbyliyah

Printed backdrops look wonderful behind dessert areas or gift tables. These backdrops come in a variety of sizes, making it easy to find the perfect size for your wall. This backdrop will easily over a wall or space that you don’t want to be seen.

Streamer Backdrop

Pink and Blue Streamer Backdrop baby Shower Fringe Backdrop
Pink and Blue Streamer by MelodyfantasyParty via Etsy

Streamers are an easy way to transform any blank wall into a gorgeous backdrop. Choose streamers in the colors of your theme and hang them vertically on your backdrop area. You can hang your streamers straight down or twist them to add a special pop. Consider framing the streamers with balloons or paper flowers for an extra special touch.

How to Easily Make a Backdrop Video

Streamers are very inexpensive and can be found at almost any store. The color possibilities for a streamer background are endless. You can use one color, multiple colors, or multiple shades of a color. Some streamers are even made to fit with specific themes.

Pink Rose Gold Streamer Baby shower Backdrop
Rose Gold Streamer by LuckandLuck via Etsy

Floral Backdrop

flower backdrop baby shower idea
Flower Backdrop – featured on the blog by Aura Decorations

If you’re expecting a baby girl and love flowers, you might opt for a floral background. While this background is slightly more expensive than the other backgrounds, it does have a stunning effect. Most florists will work with you to choose the perfect flowers and colors for your backdrop. If you’re short on time, you might consider purchasing a backdrop with artificial flowers or even paper flowers. Artificial backgrounds are easy to hang and also won’t trigger anyone’s allergies.

Flower Backdrop – Featured on the blog by Event Du Jour
artificial paper flower backdrop for baby shower
Paper Flower Backdrop – event featured on the blog by A Sweet Touch

Floral backgrounds can be used to cover up an existing wall near a dessert area. These backgrounds also make excellent photo opportunities. You can find artificial floral backgrounds at many different online retailers. If you prefer real flowers, consider connecting with a local florist to help you with the project.

Twinkle Light Backdrop

If your baby shower is going to be in the evening, you might consider a twinkle light background. A background filled with lights makes a gorgeous background for a dessert area. If you’re not lucky enough to have a beautiful wall to hang your lights, consider hanging a sheer curtain in front of the lights to add a touch of ambiance.

If the lights are string, you can attach pipe cleaners in-between your panels and attach the string to the pipe cleaners. You can also attach S-Hooks to the backside of your panels and place the lights on them. 

If you want to include other decors such as florals or greenery, you can use zip ties, fishing lines, safety pins, or pipe cleaners to attach them. It will surely create an amazing-looking backdrop.

Fairy Twinkle Lights baby shower backdrop
Fairy Twinkle Lights via Etsy by SupplyFlora

Twinkle lights are easy to find at most retailers or online stores such as Amazon or Etsy. They can come in a variety of lengths, so you can find the perfect lights to fit your space. Just make sure that if your party is outdoors that your lights are safe for use indoors and outdoors. If it is difficult to hang your lights on your existing wall, you can purchase a backdrop stand.


In conclusion, a backdrop can make your dessert area gorgeous or transform a plain wall into a fabulous photo opportunity. Whatever background you choose, make sure it fits with the rest of your party decor. A backdrop will make for photo opportunities that you will cherish for a lifetime, and most importantly, your backdrop will have your guests in awe!

Baby Shower Planning Checklist: Step by Step Guide

Easy baby shower planning guide

Download Free Ultimate Baby Shower Planning Checklist

8.5×11″ PDF Instant Download File

free baby shower planning checklist download pink girl

Baby Shower Planning

Organizing a baby shower for the first time can be nerve-racking especially because, unlike birthday parties, you don’t get an opportunity to plan as many baby showers as you would have with birthday parties. A baby shower is a very special occasion for new moms or parents-to-be. Although most of the time only female participates in this kind of occasion, it is not restricted only for women. In this everchanging modern world, it is becoming more and more popular for a coed baby shower where males also attend so both Parents-to-be can enjoy the special day.

The list of things you have to consider can take up a whole toilet roll, from choosing the date and baby shower venue, to deciding what menu to serve, games to play, and party favors to give out. So, here are some tips in organizing an amazing baby shower.

9 Steps to a Successful and a Memorable Baby Shower (1)


Yes, you have to make that checklist for the baby shower.

Many people prefer to proceed without making a baby shower planning checklist. It can be time-consuming to make a checklist, but I can assure you that it will be very helpful. You’ll be reminded of all the things you will need and the minimal pressure will keep you on your toes.

agenda of the day of the baby shower

Keeping that checklist will take unnecessary expenses and anxieties off your mind. You can also develop an effective and less stressful timetable if you follow your list religiously. However, do not breakdown if there are minor setbacks. That is why you have the list; it could include alternate plans. You’ll have an idea how (and the time) to resolve the problem just by going through what you have written. Plus, every time you check an item from the list, you should know you’re getting closer to having that fun baby shower!


Set the Time of the Shower

The first thing that you need to think about is the time of the party. Before or after the newly born has arrived? If you (the host) decide to hold the baby shower before the delivery of the baby, as customary, it is best to schedule it at least two months before the baby’s expected date of birth.

This is ideal because of a number of reasons.

• The baby’s gender can usually be determined 16-18 weeks of the pregnancy.
But there are times that the baby likes to tease (as in being in a position that hides his or her gender parts). Knowing the baby’s gender is a great help for planning the theme and for the guests to know what presents to give.

• The friends and family give presents in the baby shower to lessen the items the excited parents will have to buy. But not everything will be provided for them. The two months remaining will provides the parents-to-be some time to purchase the things that they did not receive on the shower party

• Probably the most obvious reason is that it will be unlikely for the mom to give birth this early. Though not impossible, holding the baby shower at this time will lessen the probability of an emergency occurring.

Oh Baby Pastel Shower
by Bright Sky Events

by West Bloom Paper Co.

Who Hosts the Baby Shower? 

Anyone can plan the Baby showers for the new “parents to be” A family member, a friend, or a co-worker. You can even find an event planner to help you plan a successful baby shower. If it is a surprise baby shower, then get the family to help out with the guest list and gift items.


Baby Shower Budget

True that when arranging something for someone, it’s the thought that counts. But you’ll also have to deal with finances to make it happen. So for that, you need to set straight how much you can spend. Make sure you stick within a budget for the baby shower! Be realistic and determine what you can afford to spend. Remember, the smallest details add up.  Keep in mind that the party will be appreciated because of your creative effort, and not because of how much you spent on it.

Setting a budget means you’ll have to know what you want at the party that will fit with what you can spend. Budget for invitations, favors, food and drinks, game supplies, and your gift for the baby.

Budgeting for Essentials

Consider what are the essentials (as in the location, food, etc.) and what are the extras (like props, sculpture decorations, chocolate fondue fountains, etc.). Sometimes people get discouraged in holding a baby shower because they think they do not have enough money. The answer is creativity coupled with careful planning. Take as an example, you want to have 60 guests but can’t afford a place that can hold that many people or to buy food for that number. Don’t be afraid to ask mommy-to-be if she would know anyone whose home or backyard be large enough to accommodate the number of expected guests. Undercover BBQ park is another great place to have a party.

Venue & Food Cost

If you can host it at mom-to-be’s home, your home, or at someone else’s home, you might still need some more chairs and utensils, so don’t forget to budget this in. If you decide to host it in other venues, such as in a restaurant, you need to research the prices of the venue and the food there. Also, advance booking at least a month before is necessary to make sure that you can have the place for the date you want. You might also want to hold it where the mom-to-be and the guests find it easy to go to. You need to check the place yourself before deciding on it to make sure you can decorate it according to your plans. If you’re only wanting to rent the space without their catering services be sure to ask if you are allowed to bring outside food.

As for the food, if you are planning a baby shower on a tight budget, setting the baby shower in the afternoon with biscuits and simple pastries will be enough for the guests.

The Guest List

The best way to compile the guest list is to ask the mom-to-be. If the baby shower is a surprise, work closely with the father-to-be on the guest list.

What we should remember is that you are hosting a baby shower for HER. This generally means you have to invite the people you know she will be pleased to see. While making that list, remember to secure phone numbers, emails, and addresses for your own ease in sending invitations and deciding the location of the party.

You also have to decide whether you’d want the baby shower for the close friends only, family only, co-workers or mixed, as it is now a trend to have multiple baby showers from each group. Some also hold baby showers for female friends exclusively but you could also make it a couple shower if you’d want to include the proud father-to-be and some of your male friends. Most importantly, take note of the number of people you can invite.

Choosing a Baby Shower Theme

Ultimate Step to Step Baby Shower Planning Guide

You can choose from many and fun baby shower themes for Boys and Girls! – remember this will be the baby’s first party so make it fun and memorable! The theme is important because it will help you choose decorations, party favors and menu, so it will be a lot easier with the planning.

You can decorate the location a dominating color to announce the gender of the baby or you can ask the guests to wear uniform colors. You can make it more interesting by having a role-playing theme. This means you can ask guests to wear or act according to the theme.

You have to first consider what the mom-to-be thinks will be fun. As in, if she likes detective movies, you can ask the guests to wear detective costumes and decorate the location to have the same “mystery” atmosphere she likes. Also, you can make a program that seems like you’re all solving a mystery. That way you will all be having fun. If you keep her interest in mind, you’ll surely think of a great theme for the baby shower.

Baby Shower Menu Planning


The menu is an important aspect of the baby shower. But you really don’t need to beat yourself thinking of the “awesome menu” you should get together. Although there are lots of things to consider, it’ll be fairly easy if you considered two main things. Time of the baby shower and the number of guests.

Number of People.

Ideally, you would have included RSVP date at least a two weeks prior to the event. This is so that you can finalize the amount of food that should be enough for everybody. The time of the baby shower will then help you decide what kind of food you want to serve.

Time of the Baby Shower.

You need to set whether it’ll be a baby shower with sit-down meals or be a mingle and finger-food one. Many prefer serving light and healthy snacks, fruits and finger foods. This is because the aim of the celebration for some is to share experiences with the mom-to-be. However, you need to remember that if you go with light snacks and finger foods, the time should be between lunch and dinner.

The general rule is prepare a menu that will be enough for everybody. You might also want to skip on alcohol unless mommy-to-be is okay with it. Don’t forget to consider the amount of time and room available for the shower, as well as any special dietary needs of the mommy-to-be and her guests.

Where to Host the Baby Shower

Baby showers are usually held at the host’s home. However if you opt for somewhere else, make sure it is easy to get to and can accommodate the guests well. Baby shower venues could be a local park, restaurant, reception hall, or any place where everyone can enjoy the party. Have an idea of how many people you expect before arranging any final details.


When to Host the Baby Shower

This could be before or after the baby is born. Check with the mom to be. However, baby showers are normally held 6 weeks before the expected delivery date. The most important is you have plenty of time for planning. Showers can be held on either weekends or during the week. Just try to make the time and day convenient for everyone including any out-of-town guests. As for the time, consider the needs of people who must travel to attend. Don’t forget mom-to-be’s schedule.

The Invitations


This can range from a casual phone call to the most formal printed baby shower invitations. Sending an invitation via phone, email, Facebook or any other social network method will save you money. However, there are few benefits in sending it by mail. It will set the tone for the event and it can also be a great keepsake for the mom-to-be. Think about tying the design and the invitation wording to the theme you have chosen for the baby shower party.

Essential Details to be included in Invitation:

  1. Name of the Mommy-to-be
  2. Date and Time
  3. Location
  4. RSVP date and contact information of who to RSVP
  5. Gift Registry
  6. Any other information such as Diaper Raffle if you are including it in your invite

The invitations must include the important details. Like the location, date, time, RSVP (especially RSVP by date), your contact details and theme. You can add personal messages to make it more friendly. Tidbits for what you suggest the mom-to-be would want for a gift will also be helpful for the guest. That is, you’d be volunteering the information without making it seem like they need to have that gift in order to attend the party.


The Baby Shower Games

Games will make the party fun. There are plenty of silly, fun and ice breaker type of baby shower games. Talk to mommy-to-be and give her few options on what games to play. She would be the best on to decide on what she thinks would be most appropriate. After all, she knows them the best!


Don’t Say Baby | What’s in Diaper Bag | Guess Baby Food | Dirty Diaper | Wishes

How many Games to Play?

It is recommended to prepare between 2 to 5 games. Putting in some fun in the program will lighten everybody’s mood and make the sharing more open. More to the point, it will create nice memories for the mom-to-be. There are a number of traditional baby shower games like Pin The Sperm on the Egg, Guess Mom’s Tummy Size, Then and Now, Etc.

You should, however, be careful not to incorporate very physical games as there is at least one pregnant woman involved. Fun prizes will also be great souvenirs for the guests.

Now, those are the basic things you should remember to achieve that perfect baby shower. There might be other details (like gifts, cakes, music, presentations) that you want to add. The list can be expanded according to your plans. As long as you think it would be fun for the mom-to-be, you can extend your effort. You were thoughtful enough to hold a baby shower for her, why not just go all out? With these guidelines and your thoughtfulness, it will surely be a fun, fun, fun baby shower

Special Prizes

Remember you’ll need to give Baby shower party favors or any other special prizes for the winners of the games. Of course, favors can also be given to those who did not win when the event is finished to say a big thank you for attending. Remember to keep to what that you can afford. Don’t forget that it could be as simple as your baked cookies!

Now you’re ready for a successful Baby Shower party!


Free Prince and Princess Baby Shower Templates

Free Royal Prince Baby Shower Template Printable Download
Free Royal Prince Baby Shower Template Printable Download
Download link below

Hear ye, hear ye! The royal family invites you to celebrate the arrival of their little prince or Princess with a baby shower to honor their highnesses!

It’s not every day you get to welcome a little prince or little princess into the world! And when you throw a party for royalty, you need to make sure that the theme is consistent across the décor. But buying those decorations from a party store can get expensive quickly, and you may not have a royal treasury to dig into!

Free Prince baby shower template labels and banner

Not to worry, faithful subjects; I’ve got you covered. You don’t need to buy tons of costly decorations when you have printable ones at your fingertips! If you need some décor and game ideas for a baby shower, check out this free, printable package – yep, it’s completely free!

Free Pink and Gold Princess Baby Shower Template Download
Download link below

This package of printable decorations includes everything you need to throw a proper shower: menu labels for the food tables, cupcake toppers to welcome the little prince, banners, cup labels, favor boxes…you name it, you’ve got it! Just download this printable package and you’re ready to go!

Check out the printable below and prepare to welcome the newest little prince or little princess!

We also have plenty of ideas on our blog for Prince baby shower as well as Princess baby shower parties!

Free Royal Prince Baby Shower Pack

For the curly little prince:


For a navy prince:


Some photos for inspiration: We used cupcake toppers, menu, water bottle wrappers, and banners.

Free Prince baby shower cupcake toppers
Royal Navy Prince baby shower donuts

Free Pink & Gold Princess Baby Shower Pack


Free Blue What’s on your Phone Template

In addition to the décor items, we have included a game called “What’s On Your Phone?” Your guests will break out their mobile devices for a fun (and eye-opening!) game where they can score points for the contents of their phone. For example, if they have the Pinterest app downloaded on their phone, they score one point, But if a guest has the date and time of the baby shower saved on their phone, they score a whopping 20 points! Not only does this printable equip you with plenty of decorations, but it also helps get you started planning games for the big day.

Free Blue whats in your phone baby shower template in prince theme

Free Pink What’s on your Phone Template

Free Pink whats in your phone baby shower template in princess theme

Free Don’t Say Baby Game Templates

As your guests arrive, give them a pacifier necklace with an instruction not to say the word, “BABY”. If a person catches someone saying the word, the person who said the word will need to give the necklace to the person who caught her. The person with the most necklaces at the end of the baby shower wins the game!

Free Boy baby shower dont say baby game template
Free Princess baby shower dont say baby game template

Free Prince and Princess Digital Papers

You can use these free digital papers to make crafts to match the theme! These are 12×12″, they are perfect for invitation creations, patterned buntings and such. Enjoy!

Free Prince and Princess Digital Papers