Cozy Winter Pinecone Baby Shower


This Cozy Winter Pinecone Baby Shower was skillfully handled by Keri Lostteter, who used her innovative talents to create a warm and inviting venue for a special group to celebrate new life together!

Using a rustic venue space, this party had a charming element that reflected throughout, ensuring that the guests would be comfortable. A row of gorgeous horse prints added a perfect look to the room, each hung on a nail with wooden labels hung below them.

No fall celebration is complete without a special beverage for everyone to enjoy. This party featured an entire table dedicated to serving out delicious Apple Cider.  Small glasses were prepped with cinnamon sticks and placed on a round golden tray, offering a fantastic presentation. To make a perfect beverage though, some accessories are needed so of course this table was arranged beautifully with extras so everyone could make their own special twist on a classic. Lemons and whipped cream were just a couple of tasty additions laid out.

For those who did not want cider, iced water was offered, with fruit added to give it a fantastic, colorful look.

The table with the beverages was set up to have a picnic style, with a white cover and a checked black and white runner. For ambiance, lovely lighted branches stood at the back of the table, offering a soft lighting.

Tasty ham was one of the edibles offered and to bring the flavor to life, a variety of fantastic sauces were made.  Each item was clearly labeled with a fun, tree branches with pinecones art tags. The food was placed on a table that was decorated similarly to the beverage table.  Branches were laid on top, giving a natural look.

For a tasty dessert, a sweet chocolate cake was offered with a cute topper saying, “Welcome to the World.”

cozy-winter-pinecone-baby-shower-beverages cozy-winter-pinecone-baby-shower-labels cozy-winter-pinecone-baby-shower-sauces

Credits –

Stylist: Keri Lostteter

Pinecone Printables : Bride and Bows


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