Elegant Baby Shower

This Cheerful, Elegant Baby Shower in blue, green, orange and yellow was created by Jeannie of Details Details.  Using a brilliant array of color blends she made an innovative event that really brought sophistication and entertainment together.

The invitations for the party were gorgeous, using a soft blend of the party colors and a fun font, guests were sure to be impressed before the party even started.

A fantastic party decoration that was made included a line of streamer papers in blue and bold yellow that was the backdrop for a wonderful baby flag banner with all different patterns.

Elegant Baby Shower

The guest tables were set up in a family fashion, and with a neutral toned cloth base, all of the centerpieces placed stood out elegantly. Each setting offered a little personalized note for everyone to enjoy. The chairs even added to the effect with an adorable cloth bag tied to each one, with a gift for them to take home. Inside were yummy little cookie treats that were sure to please. The floral arrangements at each place were nothing short of perfection with gorgeous color spreads and squared vases.

Instead of the usual buffet table set-up, the treats and snacks were actually distributed throughout the guest tables, letting everyone sit and share accordingly. This gave the tables a full and inviting atmosphere that was sure to be enjoyed.

The food looked delicious, there were mini-sandwiches, perfectly frosted cupcakes, cake-pops and more.  The cake was a vision in green, blue, orange and yellow. Three-tiers of striped fun with a little giraffe adding a touch that was light-hearted and adorable. There were even cute cookies shaped like onesies frosted with elephants, giraffes and lions.

This party brought a huge blend of bold colors throughout the decoration area to create a fun and bright memory for not only mom-to-be, but for all of her friends, family and baby.

Credits –

EVENT PLANNING: Details Details

PHOTOGRAPHY: John & Joseph Photography

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