Pink Mustache baby shower ideas

Pink Mustache Bash - Personalized Party Placemats

For any modern hipster mommy-to-be, a mustache themed baby shower is the perfect way to celebrate an upcoming bundle of joy. Add a big dose of pink to the theme and you have a unique and enchanting baby shower with a whole lot of spunky personality! This also sets guests up to giggle every time someone says “I mustache you a question!”—which they certainly will do several times over in the spirit of the fun theme.

Decoration Ideas

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For decorations, you can never have too many mustaches hanging around, so go crazy with those pink mustaches! Post all sizes of cutouts along the walls, make garlands, sprinkle confetti on the tables, and draw them all over balloons that are different shades of pink. String up pink mustache flag banners spelling out the new baby’s name and hang up glittery pink mustache piñatas for the guests to have fun with later. White and black tablecloths with neon pink mustaches look great with pink vases filled with an assortment of bright yellow flowers. Have drinks ready to go with mustache straws that guests can take home with them, and for a further bit of smiles, have funny top hats at place settings for the guests to wear. Create a pink and white striped backdrop with a congratulations sign to the mommy-to-be for the event table and get ready to set up a gorgeous array of food!

free pink mustache baby shower props
free pink mustache baby shower props
free pink mustache baby shower props
free pink mustache baby shower props

Food Ideas

The food table is where you can really have a great time putting it all together. Of course you have to have a sheet cake in the shape of a big pink mustache, and surround it with huge apothecary glass jars of giant pink marshmallows and glittery pink macaroons. Give pink frosted mini cupcakes pearly mustache toppers that bounce and put faces on cakepops along with big, curly mustaches and top hats. Fill bright pink bowls up with chocolates and gumballs, and have tall glass flutes filled with sticks of listening pink rock candy. Finger foods like pigs in a blanket and pinwheels are perfect for salty fare, and if you can set up an ice cream bar nearby, guests will absolutely love this—and the mustache sprinkles you provide!

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Game & Favor Ideas

You can get a little silly with games if you wish by having guests draw their best mustaches blindfolded, or maybe you even get some washable markers for guests to draw funny mustaches on themselves or a game partner. There are tons of activities you can do that incorporate drawing and using mustaches, so do as many as you like! You can also set up a photo booth with plenty of hipster and mustache props for guests to enjoy taking pictures with. Of course, with so many silly games to play, you have to have great guest gifts as prizes! Mustache keychains, wine glass charms, and bottle stoppers are all useable and hilarious, while mustache coasters and frames are extra unique and will have guests talking about the event for years to come.


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