Little Prince Baby Shower Ideas

prince theme baby shower
credit : Liliani of Lima-Limao
Prince Theme baby shower Ideas
Credit Liliani of Lima-Limao
by Gabriela Events

If mommy-to-be is expecting a little boy, then it’s a perfect time to plan a baby shower for a little prince. This theme is one of the most loved ones because everyone tends to spoil the baby to come. There are plenty of versions of this graceful theme; you only need to tickle your creative skills in order to properly receive the new royal baby. Here are some tips that will come helpful in your adventure:

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Prince Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Garnish the room according to royal traditions and set a real imperial gathering. First of all, you have to treat parents to be as king and queen and get creative by building two majestic ‘thrones’. Take two golden chairs and some tinsel to make them look pretty. Place the chairs on a small stage and craft a banner “Hail to the little prince” and put it on the wall at the top of the royal thrones. If you know the name that’s even better! Try to create a unique design  to perfectly mark the event. Parents-to-be will be amazed by your idea. If you want to get deeper into the theme you can also craft some castle walls out of card boards. It’s not so difficult, you only have to cut them on the top and then give them the final look by drawing some cool bricks. Of course, don’t forget about the crowns for parents to be, plus a little crown which will happily wait for the little prince on a red pillow. Don’t leave the guests out, craft or purchase different crowns for them too.


How to Make a Castle out of a Cardboard Box by maryjlockwood

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Prince Baby Shower Invitations

Invite your guests to a royal party by announcing the happy event consisting of the upcoming birth of a little prince. Make the event even more appealing by requesting the parents and guests to dress up accordingly. Ladies have to wear ravishing dresses and gentlemen will have to wear flamboyant costumes. Like that, your party has it all! Try to surprise the parents to be and rent them the costumes. It will be awesome.

Free royal prince baby shower invitation
Free Prince Baby Shower Invitation

Princess Baby Shower Invitations


Prince Baby Shower Food & Drink Ideas

Food and drinks will have to be pretty special. But don’t go too far. Try to keep it simple and casual. Some crispy chicken sticks, for example, with exotic sauces or stuffed mushrooms will do just fine. They are easy dishes and look good on a plate. A centerpiece made of fruit platter will be a perfect addition. In this case, some champagne will not hurt (just make sure to include a non-alcoholic beverage for the Queen!)

You can choose to prepare your cake by yourself, or order it at a pastry shop, just make sure you pick a shape that goes with the magnificent scenery. A castle shape with fondant and frosting, filled with blueberry butter cream is something that will leave your guests speechless. An easy idea would be to get a plain cake and decorated it with a Prince themed cake toppers.

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Prince Baby Shower Games & Favors

We have all seen movies featuring royal families; think about their lively parties and how much fun they have by eating, drinking and dancing. Well, since it’s about a baby shower, it’s not the occasion to exaggerate but you don’t have to neglect the fun part. So think about entertaining games to loosen up the atmosphere. For example, make some printable papers and name them “Wishes for the little prince”. Create some sentences and let the guests finish it. For instance: “I hope you learn to”, “I hope you aren’t afraid”, “I hope you love”, “I hope you get”, “I hope you laugh” and so on. Then invite the parents to be on the thrones to read them and pick a winner. royal-prince-baby-shower-game-package-printable-tlc467-5

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As rewards craft a special prize for the winner like a glamorous homemade body cream or a little perfume. Again, don’t leave the other guests on the out, and craft some jars filled with delicious chocolate candies for instance. Personalize them with a sticker stating the date of the baby shower. In time, everyone will remember this baby shower with so much joy.

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