Zoo Baby Shower Ideas

A trip to the zoo during childhood is sure to be an exciting experience, so what better way to celebrate the beginning of a new life than a zoo themed baby shower? With an endless amount of animals from all over the world, a zoo themed baby shower is sure to capture the attention of your guests. Complete with lots of vibrant colors, lush details, and creative food, this party is one that celebrates all the cuteness that a newborn baby brings into the world! If colorful is not what you are after, go for sweet pastel scheme or for a glamorous gold zoo baby shower theme! Now, it’s time to move as fast as a cheetah and get your party started!

Gold Party Zoo Animals decorations

Zoo Baby Shower Decorations

Bright green tablecloths, lots of flush greenery for centerpieces and accents such as ferns and elephant ears, and clusters of balloons in the shape of monkeys are all wonderful places to start with the best of the best kinds of decorations. Zebra flag banners spelling out the new baby’s name, grass skirts for the tablecloths, and long garlands in the shapes of all sorts of zoo animals like lions, tigers, and polar bears make the venue into a baby-friendly zoo!

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Zoo Baby Shower photos
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Zoo Animal Printed Decorations

A zoo themed baby shower is the perfect opportunity to break out the animal print. While you might choose to go with the bright, vibrant colors that are often found in zoos, many decorations for baby showers are made with soft colors such as pale pinks and blues complemented with soft browns. No matter what colors you choose, animals will take the center stage. Animal printed pom-poms and balloons are a sure way to have your home feeling like a zoo in no time.

Leopard Print Baby Shower Pompom Decoration
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Zoo Baby Shower Food

Food is so much fun to put together for a zoo baby shower, and you’ll want to have an assortment of veggie and cheese trays, along with colorful fruit and finger foods, such as pigs in a blanket and pretzel bites. The event cake can be multi-tiered with different colored layers that represent the different parts of the zoo, with sugar fondant figures of lions, lizards, and penguins. Cupcakes with bright, fluorescent icing and zoo animal rings as toppers and sugar cookies in every zoo animal shape you can come up with are yummy treats, while snacks like frosted animal crackers, goldfish crackers, and gummy bears are all fun little additions.

zoo baby shower drink punch idea
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Zoo Baby Shower Bottles

Along with providing food, it’s important to keep your guests hydrated. Why not give your classic plastic water bottle a facelift! There are a plethora of zoo themed bottle labels available that will make the perfect addition to your zoo themed baby shower. Most labels even come with the option to be customized with the name of the baby being celebrated. The bottle labels featured below even come equipped with adorable “shower facts” that are sure to put smiles on the faces of your guests. As an added bonus, these labels are waterproof, so no need to worry about an accidental spill or setting the bottles in a bucket of ice.

Zoo Baby Shower Waterproof Bottle Labels
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Zoo Baby Shower Favors

While there are many party favors available for a zoo themed baby shower, it might be a good idea to give your guests something that they can use!

Most small items can easily be adorned with custom zoo themed labels. If you have the time, you could even create your own labels for party favors. If you lack talent in the graphic design area or maybe you’re too busy preparing the other aspects of your baby shower, there are plenty of options available to order online! You can paste the custom labels on tic-tacs, soaps, snacks and many more. Your guests will be delighted when they get to take home an adorable customized party favor that they can use later!

zoo party favor stickers

Some other favors that will win your guests over include vouchers or coupons to the local zoo, individual boxes filled with treats, or personalized totes that anyone can take along on a zoo trip.

Zoo Baby Shower Games

Of course, you can’t forget to incorporate some engaging activities for this zoo baby shower, so opt for guessing games geared towards the zoo theme, or more classic baby shower activities like Chocolate Diaper (or Dirty Diaper) or Baby Mad Libs.

greenery zoo baby shower game package

gold zoo animals baby shower game

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