Button Baby Shower Decorations and Party Favors

There’s no doubt that your  new baby is going to be a cute as a button, so why not throw a button themed baby shower? Buttons are easy to craft into just about any decoration and are available in a wide variety of colors and textures. A button themed baby shower is the perfect theme for a baby girl or boy. Pastel colored buttons are a great choice for a baby shower. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Button Table Runner

Transform your plain white tables into adorable button themed tables! The table runner includes various sizes of paper buttons in a wide variety of colors and patterns. The entire table runner is made from fifty paper buttons and is about four feet long. The buttons are made from sturdy scrapbook paper. You can personalize the color scheme as well as the size. This table runner can be customized to fit perfectly with the rest of your button themed party!


Button Chalkboard Party Labels

Make decorating easy with these elegant labels. These labels are non-toxic and adhesive, so you’re able to place them on just about anything. The image shows the label placed on a recycled Starbucks bottle, however, you could place these stickers on any bottle of your choice. You could even place the stickers on tables or walls. The stickers are sold in sets of twenty-four and are approximately six inches tall. You can add any message of your choice by using chalk. If you’re planning to use the labels for beverages, waterproof marker pens are recommended.


by CharliesPartyShop

Button Banner

This button baby shower themed banner comes in the perfect colors for a button themed baby shower. It’s as cute as a button! You could use this banner to decorate above a treat table, outside on a fence as shown, or just hang it up on a wall to add an extra splash of color to any room! Each button measures approximately four inches. There are sixteen total buttons on the banner. The buttons are tied together with twine that makes for easy hanging. You can even order matching table confetti and cupcake toppers!

by AliceAnnLondon

Pastel Colored Button Shaped Soaps

These pastel colored button shaped soaps really are as cute a as a button! Your guests will love the decorative packaging and usability of this party favor! While the pastel colors are perfect for a baby shower, the soaps can be customized in the colors of your choice. The soaps are sold in sets of twenty-five with two soaps in every bag. The soaps are adorably prepackaged and come with a small tag that can be customized especially for your shower. In addition, you can customize the scents of the soaps!

by favorsbyangelique
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