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When planning a baby shower, a theme always makes everything a bit more fun. If your friend is having a boy, then the nautical theme is a perfect theme for the shower and it can be so much fun to plan. The theme is also so popular that finding decorations and supplies are very easy!

The looks on everyone’s faces when they see it all come together can be so satisfying. Besides, with a nautical theme, anything water related goes, so you have plenty of options at your disposal.


When it comes to invitations there are plenty of choices. You can have the anchors or life preserver, under the water themes, even Sail-boats. You can look through the choices and inspirations and pick the ones that go best with everything else you have planned and which nautical aspect you are focusing on.

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When it comes to the cake, you can make the cake different shades of blue in wavy shapes with fondant boats on the sides if you want to go with boats. Also you could have a blue cake with a string of colored flags all around the sides and have a boat right on top. You can pick a toy boat out and place it there if you want to save money. If you want it to be edible then you have to have them make it out of fondant and place it on top.

nautical baby shower decorations

Nautical Shapes - Cake Toppers

Ahoy Nautical Theme Baby Shower ideas for boys You could also go with a life preserver or anchor or both on the cake. You can do as many as you want and be as creative as you want. The cake is an important aspect so take your time and think about what the mommy-to-be would like best and what would look best with the theme for the rest of the decor. When decorating, you have the same amount of leeway with options! Easiest way to ensure you have the theme set would be to stick to anything blue, white and red color schemes. Little sailboats are easy enough to make yourself out of construction paper to hang on the walls. So are anchors. I am sure an actual life preserver hanging on a rope over the cake table with the rope secured tightly to the wall at one end on the table, loop the rope through the life preserver and secure the other end well, then you’ll have the perfect nautical decoration to make the cake table stand out and draw everyone’s attention to.


You could use a string of flags over the gift table if you wanted to as well. For food, you could bake sailboat cookies and have chips with a tiny toy boat in the dip for the chips. You could make your own cookies using sailboat cookie cutter. The cutest things by far would be little clear cups filled with blue Jell-O. Once the jelly is set, you can put boats in some and fish candies in the others. It would be very adorable. If you wanted to you could put the candy in before it sets so that the fish are swimming in the Jell-O as well. You could even put out a bowl of life savers on the table as a little joke too. You could also make origami sailboats. It’s might be a big challenge if you are not a crafy type but have a go as it will look amazing with so little cost! There are so many cute little things that go with this theme so you shouldn’t have any problem finding the right way to do it for your party.

Decoration Banners

pennant Blue Red Watercolor Nautical Baby Shower Banner, Ahoy Pennant, Garland, Printable Banner, Birthday Party, Bridal Shower, Wedding banner

Nautical navy and red ship wheel and anchor garland Whales and anchors garland, baby shower decor, baby boy birthday garland, nautical garland decoration

Free Printables

Banner – Cupcake Wrapper – Food Label – Flag Toppers – Favor Box – Invitation – Game

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free nautical baby shower printablw
free nautical baby shower printable
free nautical baby shower printable invitation
free nautical baby shower printable invitation
free nautical baby shower printable
free nautical baby shower printable game

How to Make Origami Sailboat video by guiainfantilUS via youtube

Games & Activities

nautical baby shower games and favors life savers necklace

If you want a themed baby shower game, I would suggest a little blow up pool with floating ping pong balls. Whoever gets the most of the balls out of the pool using chop sticks within a set time wins the game. Adapting an existing game to your theme can be the best way to come up with theme games.  Just make sure to remember to have fun!

Pink Nautical Onesie Decorating Kit
By: ShopFreshlyPressed

Make-a-Onesie station would be an option if you are looking for an activity that involves sitting around relaxed while you chat and sip on your favorite drink!

Printable games are also your other option. You may print them yourself if that works out to be a better option. It is certainly a faster option if you are running out of time! Search for ‘instant download’ printable. You can find plenty of Ahoy / Nautical themed baby shower games online.

girl nautical baby shower games, pink nautical baby shower game printables


Free printable diaper raffle cards and sign, Books for the baby inserts Free printable diaper raffle cards and sign, Books for the baby inserts Free printable diaper raffle cards and sign, Books for the baby inserts

Nautical Baby Shower Favors
blue-sailboat-tea-light-holders kids-birthday-nautical-favor-bags mini-wooden-sailboats-setpersonalized-baby-shower-life-savers

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