Cowgirl Baby Shower Decorations and Party Favors

What better way to welcome a baby girl than a cowgirl themed baby shower? Pinks and browns will make the perfect combination of colors for your cowgirl party. It’s time to wrangle up some helpers to make a party that will have your guests leaving with a smile. Here are some decorations and party favor ideas to get you started.

Cowgirl Cupcake Toppers

Cupcakes are the perfect dessert for any baby shower! Your cupcakes will be picture perfect with these cowgirl cupcake toppers. The toppers come in sets of twelve and include horses, cowboy hats, boots, and horseshoes. How adorable would these look displayed on your table?

cowgirl baby shower cupcake toppers
by EMTsweeetie

Cowgirl Candy Holders

You might want to have something for your guests to snack on while they are waiting for the main events. These candy holders are the perfect way to serve candy, nuts, or dinner mints. They are sturdy enough to hold just about any treat and can even be special ordered to match the colors of your baby shower. In addition, these cups could serve a variety of other purposes, such as a box for party favors or the base of a centerpiece.

cowgirl baby shower candy cups

Cowgirl Cake Topper

Maybe you would rather play it simple with a one large cake instead of serving multiple cupcakes. Your cake can still embrace the the cowgirl theme with this cowgirl cake topper. This cake topper comes complete with one or two boots and an adorable sign that reads “little cowgirl on the way.” The sign can be customized especially for your baby shower.

cowgirl cake topper
by MorganTheCreator

Table Centerpiece

It’s likely that your guests will spend a lot of time chatting around your tables, so it’s important for your tables to look good! This cowgirl themed centerpiece is sure to give your guests something to talk about. This particular centerpiece comes with three different pieces that can be displayed in a variety of ways. The picture below shows the centerpieces in a glass jar with corn kernels, but you could also place these decorations in a potted plant or another jar of choice.

cowgirl baby shower centerpiece
by mypaperpantry

Cowgirl Candle Tin

Sending your guests home with party favors is a must! How adorable is this cowgirl candle tin? Your guests will be thrilled with this useful and memorable party favor. The candles are high quality soy candles that will burn for up to 5-10 hours. These candles are even delivered in gift bags, so they will be ready to hand out to your guests. The name and date can both be customized for the baby that is being celebrated. The candles are sold in set of twelve.

baby shower candle tin party favors
by CandlesandFavors


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