Circus Baby Shower Inspiration Board

For some of us, our childhood memories associated with clowns have often been gloomy, uncomfortable laughs and cringe-worthy screams… ahhhh!!!

This is an opportunity to change this notion and turn it into a fun, colorful and applaudable Circus Baby Shower!

So what awaits behind those closed doors when your friends and families, from near and far starts arriving to your baby shower?

Keep the windows closed with red and white curtains and keep the noises down, now that’s for certain. Because you’d want to welcome them in with a surprise like no other – let the doors open to a trip down memory lane (not the scary one) and let the circus begin!

Shower the house with lanterns and neon lights, for that magical touch – balloons and streamers of all shapes, colors and sizes hanging off the walls and ceilings – serve chocolate coated popcorn with colorful sprinkles in red and white buckets. And perhaps a magic trick or two to keep every senses ignited.

There’s sure to be no dull moment with a Circulicious Baby Shower that’s like no other!


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