Baby Shower Favor Ideas for Twins

A baby is one of the most exciting thing to happen to an individual, family or community. Twins make it twice as exciting and amazing. Why? Because you get 2 bundles of joy to keep you on your toes and the baby shower gifts come in twos. How cool is that? A unique baby shower that will remain in the hearts and minds of your guests is just as important.

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During the baby shower, there are some amazing baby shower favor ideas for twins that you can definitely try out. To begin with, there are some factors to consider when choosing the favors. You must first look at your budget so as to determine the type of favors to dish out. However, some of the best favors are not expensive and can even be handmade DIY favors, and favors that are useful. Another factor to consider is to give favors that match the sexes of the babies. If you know that it’s a girl and boy, you can mix blue and pink colors or select a neutral color. Most importantly, the favors must be in two’s so as to keep in line with the party theme and number of babies coming into the world.

What works and is easy and cheap is to download a printable favor box, assemble a favor box and place a label or a thank you tag on them. Label would include the word Twins or anything double with a thank you message. You can fill up the favor bag or box with handmade brownies, cake slices or purchase anything that is on special that week. Free favor tags below- Best to  Print on cardstock paper

1) Handmade

One of the best types of favors is something handmade. You can have creative cards created to act as both a ‘thank you’ note and a gift. This means that you can create a card with double drawings or pictures. The cards can also have badges or magnetic stickers attached to them that you can take home and keep as a souvenir.

2) Gift in Doubles

Another idea that I think is amazing is giving out gifts that come in doubles. One of the best ideas is a gift pack with Twix chocolates in them. This is because of the 2 sides of a Twix bar. Another idea is the famous chewing gum, Double Mint. A candy favor bag can be created with a pack of double mints. You can also give a pack of shower gel and body lotion. There are a number of these in many stores and even beauty shops that you can purchase. Because they come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes, you can choose those that match the sex of the babies.

Twins_baby_shower_favor_toppers_double_mint_THANKS FOR COMING
PDF | JPEG (Print on White Cardstock)

3) Tickets

One of the most interesting party favor ideas for a twins baby shower is giving away tickets to an event. You can give out tickets to a sports game, a movie, a concert or even a play. Of course, you need to keep into consideration if your guests are fans of any of the above. It will be hard to give sports tickets to your friend who is a fan of the arts.

4) Item in Pairs

Other ideas include fun pairs of earrings and socks as a pack that you can give to your attendees who are couples. You can also think about giving guests twin mugs packs or salt and pepper packs with the names of the little angels printed on them.

Whatever you decide to give as party favors at a baby shower, you must remember to create packs that match your guest’s preferences and personalities. You do not have to give identical favors; In fact, giving party bags that match their tastes will make the gifts more personal and memorable to guests. As long as all this matches your budget, then you can go ahead and have a great twin baby shower.