Inviting Males to Baby Showers

Etiquette: So, should males be invited baby showers?

For as far back as anyone can remember, the rule for a baby shower have been ladies only. Partly because men didn’t consider it a manly thing to do, going to an event where ladies all talk about baby birth, delivery stories and all of that feminine stuff and maybe because women thought that if she is going to have to give birth, she deserves something for the trouble and a little fun before she is up all night to breast feed.

Things are different now. We have breast pumps and formula so that both parents can take turns getting up every four hours. Nowadays most parents share responsibilities, it is no longer a time when every women spends all her time trying to get pregnant and cooking meals, doing all of the chores and waiting for her husband to bring home the bacon. Women earn just as much or more than their husbands, chores are divided and couples are equals. Baby showers can be enjoyed by men with so many fun activities and delicious food.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. You may want the father and husband there to celebrate, and the more people you invite the more gifts you will get, so keep that in mind! Just make sure that if you are going to invite everyone, men and women, you may want to avoid making it a totally girly experience. They will feel more comfortable if it is like any regular parties and less like a traditional baby shower. You DO want everyone to have fun and acknowledge that soon you will have a new addition to the family.

Another idea, if you do want to keep traditional but feel that the guys deserve to celebrate too, is to have two parties. One can be an all-out mommy and girlfriends only traditional baby shower with all your friends and both grandmothers to be telling their birth stories and saying all kinds of things that would make men uncomfortable. The other party can either be in another part of the house or at a restaurant that allows party venues. The daddy to be can invite all of his friends and both of your fathers and have a guy party where they have some drinks, talk about the changes pregnancy has brought forth and all of the changes a baby will bring. His friends who have kids can share their stories too.

Time has changed, yet some people believe that there are certain things that should stay the same.  Whichever kind of baby celebration you choose will be great, and everyone else can have their opinion of what it should be, but this is up to you and the mommy-to-be, you should be the ones calling the shots when it comes to how that is celebrated no matter what other people think of your choice.