Cupcake or Stud Muffin Gender Reveal

One of the freshest, and most unique themes to pop up recently in the baby gender reveal realm is the Cupcake or Stud Muffin surprise. You can set up a perfect party for guests to walk into the reveal of a little “sweet cupcake or a handsome stud muffin in your oven”!

Cupcake or Stud Muffin Invitations

Cupcake or Stud Muffin Invitation
Cupcake or Stud Muffin Gender Reveal Personalized Invitation


Cupcake or Stud Muffin Food Ideas

Food fare should be a breeze because mostly, you’ll be serving up a delightful assortment of delicious muffins and cupcakes!

Go crazy with crowd favorites like blueberry and chocolate chip, and throw in some wildcards for guests to try for the first time as well, such as glazed lemon crumb, zucchini, and French breakfast muffins. Of course, for beverages, coffee, tea, and mimosas always pair quite well!

Cupcake or Stud Muffin Toppers
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Cupcake or Stud Muffin Decorations

Decorations can also be easy breezy, with garlands of blue/pink and white polka dot bows and ties strung across the party space, adjacent to twinkling fairy lights.

Chevron Baby-Cupcake or Stud Muffin Banner

If you do decide to throw in this unique “Cupcake or Stud Muffin” reveal, you can have t-shirts made in blue and pink for guests to wear that read “Team Cupcake” and “Team Studmuffin”. You can also post up a chalkboard for guests to vote which gender they think it is!

Cast Your Vote Gender Reveal Printable
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Cupcake or Stud Muffin Favors

You can impress the guests with these cute little “What’s in the Oven” hand sanitizers. You can even have them personalized with a name and a special message just from you!

Cupcake or Stud Muffin Gender Reveal Baby Shower Hand Sanitizer Favors

The Reveal

As far as the actual reveal goes, you can opt for something traditional such a balloon pop with blue miniature stud muffins/pink cupcake exploding out, or the inside of the main event cake to be dyed blue/pink for when you cut the first slice.

cupcake or stud gender reveal cake

However, if you choose to go a more interesting route, try having a fresh batch of muffins or cupcakes baking in the oven, covered so that guests cannot see, and can only smell the aroma drifting through the party space.

Once all the guests have settled in, the oven dings, and voila! Out comes the gorgeous array of little stud muffins or cupcakes to welcome the new little boy or girl into the world.

Cupcake or Stud Muffin gender reveal

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