Rubber Duck Themed Baby Shower Ideas

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Rub a dub dub a new baby to love
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Duck themed baby shower is perfect for couples who are keeping the gender of the baby a big secret. It is one of the cutest gender-neutral themes out there. Simply adding a touch of pink or blue to the decors will convey the gender of the baby for parents-to-be who already know the gender of their upcoming baby.

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Rubber Duck Baby Shower Invitation

Creating rubber duck themed baby shower invitations can be a cute and playful way to set the tone for your celebration. Feature a charming illustration of a rubber duck at the top or center of the invitation with a background that resembles bubbles to create a playful and aquatic feel.

Include a whimsical header like “Splish Splash, It’s a Baby Bash!” or “Rub-a-Dub-Dub, It’s Time for Baby’s Arrival!” to convey the rubber duck theme. 

Rubber Duck Baby Shower Invitation
Pink Rubber Duck Baby Shower Invitation set

Rubber Duck Baby Shower Decorations

Creating a rubber duck-themed baby shower offers plenty of opportunities for adorable and playful decorations. The predominant color for the decorations for a duck themed baby shower is yellow. If it’s a gender neutral party, you can keep it to different shades of yellow. If gender is known, add some pink or blue to the decors.

super cute duckling in bubble bath props
Sweet Rubber Ducky Baby Shower
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Duck Pond Entrance

Set up a duck pond at the entrance with blue paper or fabric as the “water” and floating rubber ducks. Create a sign that says “Welcome to the Quack Zone!”

Editable Blue Rubber Duck Welcome Sign

Duckling Clothesline

Hang baby clothes, onesies, and tiny rubber ducks on a clothesline as part of the decor.

Duck Garland

String together cut-out shapes of rubber ducks to create a garland. Hang it along the walls or as a backdrop for the dessert table.


Duck Diaper Cake

Create a simple diaper cake with yellow polka dot ribbons and a yellow duck plush toy at the top. Decorate it with small rubber ducks and other baby essentials and use it as a centerpiece.

Confetteii Couture

Duckling Centerpieces

Creating adorable rubber duck baby shower centerpieces can add a charming touch to the party décor. You can create a mini duck pond as the centerpiece. Fill a clear glass bowl with blue water and add floating rubber ducks. You can also include water lilies or greenery for added visual interest. Another option would be to have floral arrangement with cute duck cutouts sticking out of it or rubber ducks places on them.

rubber duck centerpiece
rubber duck and flower centerpieces

Rubber Duck Baby Shower Backdrop

Backdrops could be anything from a large rubber duck poster to handmade streamers.

Rubber Duck Balloon Garland

Create a balloon garland with a combination of yellow and white balloons. If you know the gender, add some pastel pink or blue balloons too. Place it behind the dessert table or at the main food table.

adorable rubber duck baby shower backdrop
blue Rubber duck baby shower Backdrop
pink Rubber duck baby shower Backdrop

How to Easily Make a Backdrop Video

Rubber Duck Themed Tableware

You can use solid or polka-dot yellow plates or duck-shaped plates and napkins for a cute touch. Yellow or blue tablecloths can complete the look.

Rubber Duck Themed napkin tags

Duck Themed Baby Shower Food

A Pot Luck Baby Shower

If you are on a tight budget, one way to host a shower no matter how big or small is to get everyone involved by asking them to bring one dish to the party. By having a pot luck duck themed baby shower, everyone will have plenty to eat, a variety of different food to eat, and all the hostess will need to worry about is getting the duck cake. To make it more interesting, you can challenge everyone to bring a duck themed food. I’m sure they will surprise you with what they come up with!

rubber duck baby shower cake

Rubber Duck Drinks

For drinks, you may want to consider an adorable rubber duck fruit punch using blue berry mix. You can add some ice creams to make it look like foam as well.

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FREE Duck Baby Shower Printable

free duck themed baby shower printable
free duck themed baby shower printable

FREE Twin Duck Baby Shower Printable

FREE Duck Themed Baby Shower Printable for TWINS
FREE Duck Themed Baby Shower Printable for TWINS 

Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Games

Hosting a rubber ducky-themed baby shower opens up opportunities for creative and playful games that fit the theme.

Duck Pond Fishing

Set up a kiddie pool or a large container as a duck pond. Place rubber ducks in the water, each with a number written on the bottom. Guests “fish” for a duck with a toy fishing rod or a net. Prizes correspond to the numbers on the ducks.

Ducky Diaper Derby

Divide guests into teams and give each team a diapered baby doll. Using only one hand, team members must race to change the baby’s diaper. The first team to successfully change the diaper wins.

Duck Doodle

Provide guests with plain white onesies and fabric markers. They can decorate the onesies with rubber ducky and baby-themed doodles. The mom-to-be gets to keep the onesies as a cute and personalized gift.

Name that Baby Animal

This involves asking your guest to name the baby of an animal. For instance : DUCK = Baby name would be “DUCKLING”. HORSE would be FOAL, PIG would be SHOAT, FOX would be PUP, CAT would be KITTEN etc. The person who guesses the most correctly wins.

sweet duck baby shower game bundle easter baby
Yellow Rubber Duck Baby Shower Game Pack

Rubber Duck Baby Shower Favors

Arrange duck-themed favors on a dedicated table. This could include rubber duck soap, duck-shaped cookies, or rubber duck themed candles.


Duckling Socks

Gift guests with socks that have cute rubber duck patterns or solid yellow or pink or blue. Choose soft and comfortable materials for a cozy favor. You can bundle them into a cupcake wrapper, and wrap it up nicely for the sweetest favor.

Ducky Baby Shower Favors...Washcloth Cupcakes

Duck-Themed Stationery

Provide rubber duck notepads, pens, or sticky notes. Personalize them with a cute thank-you message from the mom-to-be.

Duck-Shaped Cookie Cutters

Provide cookie cutters in the shape of rubber ducks. Attach a cute tag with a thank-you message and a recipe for sugar cookies.

Rubber Duck Party Collection

Sweetest Rubber Duck themed baby shower events by so many amazing event planners! You can find the planner’s name below each image. I hope you get some inspiration.

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Rubber Duck Surprise Baby Shower
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