Bow or Bow Tie Gender Reveal

Roll Out the Big Baby Reveal

Bow or bow tie
There are few true surprises left in the world, and one of the best is not knowing the gender of a new baby! Whether you plan on keeping the secret until the very end, or spicing up the baby shower with the drama of a big reveal, we have the perfect party options for you.

Boy or girl? Bow or bow tie? There are some unique and creative ways to incorporate decorations for both genders and keep your guests guessing, here’s how…

Party Decor - Bow or Bow Tie Party Pack is the complete party in a box solution, containing all that you need to create a dramatic, but fun way to celebrate the baby mystery. Play off the pink and blue “Little Man or Little Miss?” plate design by adding in solid blue or pink party supplies and a Bow or Bow Tie ribbon banner. You can even be a little tricky and display one color more than another to allude to the answer to the question on everyone’s mind.

Bow or bow tie b
Party Favors - How about baby bottle favors that you can fill with pink gum balls and blue sixlets, adding an extra sweetness to the day or, in keeping with the theme, fill Bow or Bow Tie gift bags with sweet treats and a special blue or pink Bow or Bow Tie scratch off ticket that announces the gender once the party is over.

Food & Drink Ideas - Are you ready for the reveal? Share your secret in the most special and delicious way! A white frosted baby shower cake, when paired with a cutout of the plate design as a cake topper, makes for the perfect table centerpiece. The best part is that the big moment comes when the cake is cut to reveal whether it is pink or blue inside! 


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