Silhouette Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Silhouette Baby Shower Theme Ideas – Perfect also for Couple Baby Shower

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Silhouette baby showers became more and more popular as they are incredibly catchy and easy to manage regarding the decorating component  of the party. Silhouette themes are popular at couple’s baby showers where both parents are to participate or at gender-reveal baby showers. Check out these tips that will come in handy for a silhouette themed baby shower.


First of all, think about the basic look of the silhouette. A cute mommy to be next to a happy father will make perfect as main decorations for the room. You can craft them out of cardboard and paint them in mint green nuances with chocolate shades which are chic neutral colors for a baby shower, taking dullness out of the picture. Place silhouettes between ends of the banner looking like some happy parents would announce their joy.

Now, the banner should either state baby’s gender as in “It’s a boy/girl” or ” Couple’s name baby shower”. Right under the banner and between the silhouettes comes the table which you will garnish with a lovely mint green table cloth. Add a touch of formality by placing some brown coffee bean bowls as decorations. Coffee is elegant not only by visual aspects but also by giving a unique scent to the whole room.silhouette diaper cake

To personalize the entire idea, craft some name tags with mommy’s silhouette on mint green background with brown dots for women and daddy’s silhouette on brown background with mint green dots for men. Do the same thing for glasses and plates so that everyone is organised. If drinks require delicate glasses you can apply theme colors on personalized straws.

Food and drinks

For an exclusive baby shower surprise your guests and most importantly, parents to be, with pistachio treats and an amazing chocolate taste both matching colors of the theme. For the first part of the chocolate taste, try to find some Belgian truffles, they are exquisite and so delicious. For second part of the taste prepare some chocolate cookies made by yourself and to surprise the audience even more, try to give them the matching silhouette shape. If you are not able to create the shapes on your own ask for professional help. Along with the chocolate taste a pistachio butter cream cake with marzipan will take your guests to culinary paradise.

Since you are having such a sweet baby shower, a bottle of wine will go perfectly for your guests. Don’t forget about mommy to be and prepare a virgin cocktail for her or a fresh lemonade that after so much sugar will go smoothly.

Silhouette Baby shower Theme Favors & Games

Since you already have to craft two silhouettes why not double the amount and make them four. Take one pair of silhouettes, cut out a face sized hole around their head and use them as props for an extremely fun photo session. Use a camera that takes out the photos on the spot, wrap them in a matching mint green – brown dotted packaging and offer them as silhouette baby shower favors.

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